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Puerto Vallarta: a gourmet’s delight

The foods of the Pacific coast resort Puerto Vallarta can be as simple—and delicious—as those sold by vendors who stroll the beach hawking skewers of fire-roasted shrimp and trays of freshly shucked oysters or the street vendors like Caesar who, wielding a machete, sells fresh coconuts at his stand on Aquiles Serdán to a long […]

Paul Carrigan's car

North to Nogales from Puerto Vallarta (and back)

Two years ago, I would’ve been leery about driving out of Mexico alone. Well, “everyone says” that the drive to Nogales (from Puerto Vallarta) is a drag: long, flat, boring, and nothing to see – something like, “straight roads and lots of desert.” As is the usual case with “the CV” (the Conventional Wisdom), it […]


Fish “Meatballs”: Albondigas de Pescado

A delicious and economical way to use just about any firm, white-fleshed fish, this is a common meal along Mexico’s Pacific coast, especially in Baja California and the Puerto Vallarta area. The albóndigas, served in the tomato broth, can also be made with leftover poached fish. Ingredients: For the albóndigas: 1 pound firm, white-fleshed fish filets, ground in […]


Driving from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara

Posted by Leroy Blankenship on Marzo 28, 2000 We will be driving (yes, my brother insists upon driving instead of riding the bus) from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara next week, and return. It would be nice to take the fastest route in one direction and the most interesting or scenic route in the other direction. […]

Beach in Puerto Vallarta's Old Town

Puerto Vallarta: escape to paradise

Puerto Vallarta is steeped in enchantment. Its charismatic history reaches back some 600 years before Christ. At that time this vast untamed area was called Xalisco and was ruled by King Nayarita, known as the god of battle. He fought to keep his lands and his precious cove – now called Mismaloya – in his […]


Art in Puerto Vallarta

“Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso Art of every description is exhibited in Puerto Vallarta, from bohemian and Huichol to expressionistic and figurative. You’ll find a variety of media: watercolors, oil, acrylic, felt pen, pencil, charcoal, gold leaf, mixedmedia, ceramic, bronze, terra […]

Puerto Vallarta

A ten year retrospective of Puerto Vallarta real estate

*Statistics from Multi List Vallarta The last decade of the millennium has brought a multitude of changes to the real estate market of Puerto Vallarta. The effects of this can be seen by the expansion of the market itself beyond the confines of the Bay of Banderas. New phrases have been coined to describe the […]


Bus travel: Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara

Posted by Ann Bice on June 29, 1997 We are planning to check out the Guad-Lake area for potential retirement-it sounds too good to be true. Anyway, we can get cheap airfare from Denver to Vallarta- much cheaper than to Guadaljara. Does it make sense to take the bus or train from Vallarta to Guad-Lake […]


Puerto Vallarta Squeeze

Cogan’s Reviews Here’s a rather odd novel from the author of “The Bridges of Madison Country” and “Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend”. I’ve always thought of Waller as a writer of romances, going only by the titles of his books, never having read any of them. This one, however, is a quite suspenseful “chase” story […]


A Mexican Odyssey: Escape to Paradise by William Reed with Sylvia Garces de Reed

Cogan’s Reviews Where on earth do you start with William Reed? It’s as if he’s done everything in his first 75 years. His career beginning makes him seen quite unlikely for what was to follow. For example, he closed that first chapter on November 30, 1967, when he quietly retired from the U.S. Navy after […]

Solitude and beauty distinguish the beach at Mayto, Cabo Corrientes, near Puerto Vallarta © David Kimball, 2014

Puerto Vallarta versus Cabo Beaches

Posted by Tim Bowen on July 12, 1999 I am going on my honeymoon in 30 days, and I was told by someone who just returned that the beaches at Puerto Vallarta were not very nice to visit. I was told that the beaches were very pebbly and that there was dog crap and garbage […]

Edd Bissell and students at Mexico's San Quintin school © Edd Bissell, 2010

Gringos are changing Mexico

Southbound gringos of retirement age have the uncanny ability to immediately identify changes that should be made in Mexican lifestyle. Maybe you’ve heard the laundry list. “Punctuality is in desperate need of instant adjustment. Mexicans simply can’t tell time.” “There would be no language barrier if Mexicans would just speak English.” “These people are devoid […]

Jenny McGill

Writing about writers: Puerto Vallarta and Jenny McGill

Editor’s note: After a brief battle with cancer, Jenny McGill passed away peacefully in the early hours of December 31, 2009. I first heard of her when I was editor in chief of About Magazines and she was named U.S. Consular Agent in Puerto Vallarta, where we published a monthly edition. She was, I heard, a tough, […]


On the way to Oregon: Adventurers settle on Mexico’s Bay of Banderas

Real life is sometimes stranger than fiction. We stopped for late lunch at Octopus Garden in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, once an old fishing village a few feet uphill from the beautiful Bay of Banderas. The lasagna needed help but the ambiance was superb – classy courtyard with fountain, showplace wooden tables and chairs, slivers […]

Luis Alberto Martinez Gomez © Marvin West, 2010

Sneaking north: an illegal immigrant returns to Mexico with honors

For some, illegal immigration is a simple equation, what you risk for what you get. Luis Alberto Martinez Gomez became an illegal immigrant four years ago. He was 16. “Everybody was on their way to the U.S.” He had shallow roots in Tepic, four years until his parents divorced. After that, his mother moved around. […]


Drama & Diplomacy In A Sultry Mexican Beach Town

I like this book, but I don’t like the title: Drama & Diplomacy in a Sultry Mexican Beach Town. The book is not about “drama & diplomacy.” It’s about one person’s life in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from the mid-seventies to the mid-nineties. And that life is a fascinating one. I think it might be better titled, Sex, Lies, and Lots of Fun […]


Boomers in Paradise: Living in Puerto Vallarta

Robert Nelson’s Boomers in Paradise: Living in Puerto Vallarta, profiles fourteen “baby boomers” who now reside in Puerto Vallarta, The book, though, will be of interest to any expatriate (or would-be expatriate) whether or not they live in Vallarta. Nelson has lived in the “Jewel of the Mexican Riviera” for six years. As he eased himself into […]


Something Like a Dream

Something Like a Dream By Robert Richter www.oaktreebooks.com Available from Amazon Books: Paperback Also on Kindle and other electronic formats Robert Richter’s remarkable novel, Something Like a Dream, begins like this: “I am outside myself again and watching the charred body of Cullen Bryant Springfield, slung on the back of a burro, coming down the mountain toward us […]


Did You Know? Puerto Vallarta in Mexico will become an island and float away

Literary-minded travel writers describing Puerto Vallarta as an “island of tourist delights” probably don’t realize that their words are closer to the truth than they might imagine. At present, Puerto Vallarta has plenty of tourist facilities but is certainly not an island. The Pacific Ocean may swish against Vallarta’s beaches on one side, but there […]

A hammock is inviting in Puerto Vallarta © Mexi-Go! 2011

Idle ramblings of a homesick girl

After multiple trips to Puerto Vallarta I think I am becoming Mexican. I look Mexican, so when I jump into a cab, I have to politely say “No hablo Español” when the driver rattles off a breathless sentence about the weather, the roads, the fiesta or whatever the topic of the day is. I then get the […]

San Sebastian del Oeste

Tired of Puerto Vallarta? Try the mountains: the road to San Sebastián

The seat sale prices for flights to Puerto Vallarta were simply too good to pass up, and the weather at home too cold and miserable to buoy our spirits. Time for a short winter break in the sun! Arriving in Puerto Vallarta in the mid-afternoon, we hired a small car at the airport and took […]


Puerto Vallarta: where the art of life thrives!

Yearning for a sunny, relaxing Mexican holiday? Tourists often choose to go to Puerto Vallarta, which offers luxurious inclusive hotels and comfortable time-share condos. Yet many travelers also select Puerto Vallarta, as a magical destination. Here, colorful butterflies flit through lush tropical flora. Pelicans, egrets, and scissor tails soar above. Geckos scamper about while you […]


New Year in Puerto Vallarta, 1958

I digress from stories about the potters of Mata Ortíz, Chihuahua this month to reminisce about my first New Year in Mexico. I was 13, I was in Puerto Vallarta and the year was 1958. “Mike, come and look.” Dad shook me awake. I squinted, bleary-eyed around the dark room. It was still the middle […]


Efren Gonzalez: artist in Ajijic and Puerto Vallarta

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Efren Gonzalez at his home in Ajijic, a home he is building entirely from the sale of his paintings. For years he has struggled with the dream of living and supporting his family from his art; a dream he now realizes everyday, brick by brick. Born on June […]

Mayto Beach by Mayto Hotel and El Rinconcito on Jalisco's Pacific shore © Barbara Sanda, 2010

Tehuamixtle: the Cabo Corrientes shore on Mexico’s Pacific coast

Back when I lived in a Northern Virginia condo and traveled often to Mexico and the Caribbean with the Vienna-based Emerald Shillelagh Chowder & Marching Society, I adopted the habit of buying a tee shirt featuring the name of the city or island. My favorite shirt, the one that got the most commentary from fellow travelers on […]


Budget hotels in Puerto Vallarta

We try to travel to Mexico twice a year, for a week or two at a time, packing just one carry-on bag each. This limitation is absolutely necessary when our two kids go along, because more than four carry-ons won’t fit in a taxi. We head directly to a bus station, and take off for […]


Playa Los Arcos: Mexican family ambience in Puerto Vallarta’s picturesque Old Town

  Hotel Playa Los Arcos stretches from Avenida Olas Altas to the seashore boardwalk. The Café Maximilian on the avenue serves breakfast with steaming coffee, fresh fruit juices and a variety of prix fixe breakfasts and a la carte options, from Continental to Mexican. In the evening, Kaiser Maximilian Restaurant and Café serves exquisite European cuisine for an authentic […]

The author's cabin under construction in Tierra Alta near El Tuito, Jalisco © David Kimball, 2014

A cabin near Puerto Vallarta

Seven US presidents were born in log cabins. The most notable, of course, was Lincoln. During elections, all of them were quick to remind the public of their humble frontier origins with fulsome references to their roughhewn family cabins. However, the introduction of the log cabin to Mexico is actually a surprisingly recent phenomenon, driven […]

Pheucticus chrysopeplus, Yellow grosbeak, Picogrueso amarillo

Viva Natura: The revival of a Mexican field guide classic

Petr Myska probably didn’t think that the book he was writing would be threatened with extinction even before some of the species that were featured in his publication. Myska’s work was published in 2007 as A Field Guide to the Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals of Western Mexico. In short form, it is known as “Viva Natura.” […]

Puerto Vallarta

Exploring Puerto Vallarta by foot

Taking in the sights on foot is a great way to see some of the things Puerto Vallarta has to offer. By lacing up your walking shoes and setting out on your own, you get a close-up peek into shops and side alleys, and you can linger as long as you want in the ones […]

talpa to puerto vallarta

From Talpa to Puerto Vallarta in the 1800s

MexConnect readers know by now that March is the month when everybody who can walk, walks to Talpa. It has become a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. The new short-cut through the mountains connecting Mascota to Puerto Vallarta has brought even more frequent visitors to Talpa de Allende. Walkers come […]


Hidden Places Near Puerto Vallarta

HIDDEN PLACES NEAR PUERTO VALLARTA INFO ON YELAPA LODGING IN BUCERIAS RV PARK IN BUCERIAS MEDICAL SERVICES IN COASTAL NAYARIT AND PUERTO VALLARTA MEDICAL SERVICES: Posted by mike on Abril 27, 2000 Dear Friends, Someone suggested we hire a taxi for a half day. Does anyone have any ideas for truly hidden villages or jungle […]

With its beautiful blossoms, thunbergia is also known as blue sky flower, glory vine, blue trumpet vine and clockvine. It flourishes in the author's Puerto Vallarta home. © Linda Abbott Trapp 2008

Contentment: My life in Puerto Vallarta

The author shares a typical day from her life in Puerto Vallarta and her techniques to reach contentment anywhere. Directed to her granddaughters, these tips can be applied by anyone of any age. This morning I woke with Max snuggled against the curve of my waist, and Harley nestled into my shoulder on the other […]

Playa El Amor, a secluded beach in the Cabo Corrientes area of Mexico's Costa Alegre © David Kimball, 2013

Cabo Corrientes: Beaches in Mexico with nobody there

Cabo Corrientes is one of those vaguely heard of places where nobody ever goes because… well, where is it? And how and why would you go there? Literally, Cabo Corrientes means “cape currents.” It’s the point about 30 miles west of Puerto Vallarta where Banderas Bay finally gives up its apparent attempt to swallow the Pacific. Look […]

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The mystical and magical pleasures of Puerto Vallarta

The ship’s embracing water is as still as the prevailing silence while I watch the sun rise from behind the Sierra Madre Mountains. Its glorious rays begin to rebound off red-tiled roofs of hillside bungalows that line the many dusty and tattered cobblestone lanes. Vacated golden beaches lie waiting in both directions, where bikini-clad sun […]


Driving – Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta?

Posted by Paul Woodman on January 27, 1997 I’m driving fro Guadalajara to PV and back. I would appreciate comments on routes and places to visit and things to see. Via Manzanillo ? Via Tepic, San Blas ? Hola!!! Posted by BETSY on January 27, 1997 If you are going to PV from Guadalajara on […]

Map of Puerto Vallarta hotels - south side

Map of Puerto Vallarta hotels – south side

Map of Puerto Vallarta hotels – south side Map provided by: The Insider’s Guide to Vallarta – https://vallartainfo.com Bulletin Board – https://vallartascene.com/forum/phpBB2/index.php

Map of Puerto Vallarta hotels - north side

Map of Puerto Vallarta hotels – north side

Map provided by: The Insider’s Guide to Vallarta – https://vallartainfo.com Bulletin Board – https://vallartascene.com/forum/phpBB2/index.php

The Virgin of GuadalupePhoto Rivas ©

Fiesta de Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta

Felipe Avila handed me his burning candle, converting me from spectator to pilgrim in the Fiesta de Guadalupe! My arrival in Puerto Vallarta coincided with the beginning of the weeklong Fiesta de Guadalupe, Reina (queen) de México. From December 6 until December 12th, Mexicans celebrate the miracle of her appearance in 1531. On a barren hill, a beautiful […]

View of the ocean from a Puerto Vallarta balcony © Mexi-Go! 2011

A real estate overview of Puerto Vallarta

The real estate market can be divided into five distinct zones. The most northern zone, in the STATE OF NAYARIT, is approximately 45 minutes from central downtown Puerto Vallarta. The mega-resort in Punta de Mita is under way and this area will become one of exclusivity, anchored by the Four Seasons Hotel. Returning toward Puerto Vallarta […]



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