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Posted by mike on Abril 27, 2000

Dear Friends,
Someone suggested we hire a taxi for a half day. Does anyone have any ideas for truly hidden villages or jungle spots or other places where the tourists don’t usually go. Thank you.

Posted by Gaucho on Abril 28, 2000

My favorite small village in Mexico is only about 30 miles north of the PV airport. I’ve been there on four different occasions over the years and have not seen any other American tourists. The name of the town is Lo De Marcos. It has a 2-mile long deserted beach with a few bungalows for rent. We discovered this town in 1982. Back then, it really was out of the way, and we just camped on the beach for 2 weeks. Every time we return, it has grown a little, but still remains out of reach of most tourists. I haven’t been back since 1997 so I am hoping it hasn’t changed. It is a clean, tidy town with a nice town square. The locals congregate there in the evenings. Feel free to delete this message after reading. I don’t want the secret to get out.

Posted by Jeff Pearson on Abril 29, 2000

I’ve stayed at Lo de Marcos on two occasions and while it’s far from being over- run, there are definitely tourists there. However, I agree with Guacho that Lo de Marcos is a pleasant town. It’s not especially picturesque, but it has a pleasant little plaza. There are tourist accommodations on the beach and good swimming on nearby Playa Venado. Whenever I’ve been there, the town has been very quiet. There are a couple of tiendas de abarotes (one better than the other), a couple of restaurants, a farmacia, and several depositos. While many would find Lo de Marcos boring, it has most of what I need for a pleasant stay at the beach.

Posted by Helen Niesen on Abril 27, 2000

I agree – Yelapa is a fun place and the scenery via the water taxi is very, very pretty about 35 minutes from Boca. After arriving at Yelapa, try to enlist the services of one of the local kids, for about 80 to 100 pesos, to guide you up to the waterfalls. It’s somewhat of a climb, but not bad. The falls are very pretty and on the way, you will walk through the actual village of Yelapa – very interesting. For the past two years, my family has hired a young man by the name of Martin Luquin who has a Suburban, cell phone 044-329-4-51-84. home phone 22-5-18-63. Both he and his wife, Elena, speak fluent English. This past year he took six of us to San Blas and on the way, we stopped and played at one of the beaches. He then bought a fish from a charcoal grill of one of the locals for all of us to share. We had lunch at a sand restaurant in San Blas and he then took us to a place where we went on a river cruise for about 2-1/2 hours. There were crocodiles, iguanas, turtles, herons, etc. I am not crazy about creepy crawlies, but I cannot emphasize how great that cruise was. We were gone all day, about twelve hours and as I recall, I think we each paid 600 pesos. We also hired Martin for a day of local sightseeing – again, it was great. He is excellent company and teaches along the way, an absolute wealth of knowledge.

Posted by JR in PV on Abril 27, 2000

Half a day in a taxi won’t take you very far if you wish to have time to walk around or eat. The closest place that meets your request is Yelapa on the S. side of the bay. No road there so you take a bus to Boca de Tomatlan (3 pesos) and then walk down to the beach and catch a water taxi to Yelapa (40 pesos each way). Go early – 8 AM – the tourist boat pulls in there about 12 and leaves at about 2:30, so you could use that period to explore up the river. No Cars, 3 phones, no electricity (some generators) and no police. The last water taxi leaves around 4:30. Miss it, and you stay! Happens to me all the time. Hasta,

Posted by dave on Abril 27, 2000

If you rent a cab for a half day you will not get any further away than the other tourists. If you want to go where there are not too many tourists I suggest you rent a car (VW $35 a day) at 1 p.m. then drive south to the small village of La Manzanilla on the Bay of Tenacatita (3.5 hour drive). Great place to swim and frolic in the small and safe ocean waves. Spend the night and drive over to Barra De Navidad (17 k’s) for dinner and drinks. Then sleep in and leave LM at 8.30 a.m. and have a nice leisurely drive back to PV (360 k’s) Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Posted by shelley eisler on Marzo 29, 2000

Hello. I’m visiting Yelapa in April and would appreciate any information/suggestions/advice/etc. Thanks in advance.

Posted by dumois on Marzo 29, 2000

Not much to say. Yelapa is a very beautiful spot; a beach surrounded by high mountains. There’s no way to reach it by land; you must get there by boat. I think every entertainment-travel agency found inside Puerto Vallarta’s hotels will offer you a day trip to Yelapa with boat, day at the beach, breakfast and lunch included. While there, walk a bit up the mountain trails and look for the elegant hard black wood artesanías they locally produce and sell. Enjoy! Saludos from Guadalajara,

Posted by JR in PV on Marzo 30, 2000

Hi Shelley,
Details on Water Taxis and where to get them are at www.vallarta-info.com The hotel is La Lagunita de Yelapa. Nice B&B at Rancho Sueños Hasta, JR

Posted by dave on Marzo 30, 2000

Yelapa is on a peninsula south of Puerto Vallarta on the West Coast. The only access is by boat. There are limited places to stay there because I had friends do that about 6 years ago. I suggest that you take one of the excursion boats there for the day and maybe stay a night or two to get the feel before committing to stay longer. It is very quiet and laid back and there is not much to do there. But if that fits the bill have fun! Adios!



Posted by Judy Gibbs on Mayo 20, 2000

I am looking for an inexpensive hotel in Bucerias. I plan to stay a week to look around for an apartment to rent on a permanent basis when I retire in a couple of months.

Posted by Dennis on Mayo 22, 2000

Just thought of something else for you while you were looking for a place to live. They’re in Puerto Vallarta, about 5 blocks from the beach, and if you stay a month you get the 4th week free. They’re nice places, and it’s a lot less expensive than a hotel.

Apartments in Puerto Vallarta www.vallartamexico.com/index.html

Posted by Doris Knoblock on Mayo 21, 2000

The Hotel Oasis on the Heroe National highway is relatively inexpensive at about $30 per day and you could negotiate a weekly rate. This is a nice clean hotel and close to inexpensive restaurants. We have a home there and just came back after 5 months in Bucerias. Also try the Hotel Cactus a little way down on the same highway and it is probably cheaper and looks clean and safe. Hardly much business this winter with plenty of available rooms. You can email the Hotel Oasis for rates and reservations at [email protected]

Posted by Dennis on Mayo 20, 2000

A friend of mine owns a very nice, economical, small hotel in Bucerias. I’ll be down there next week for a month. Try this one: https://www.accessmexico.com/villa_serena/ Has one of the nicest pools in the area and is on the beach side.

Posted by Cindy on Mayo 20, 2000

It is the slow season; you can come down, view a place and bargain in person for the best rate.

Posted by Dennis on Mayo 21, 2000

I’m glad that you guys figured out that it was pesos. Seeing as how it’s the rainy season I’m sure that their vacancy rate, coupled with its location would leave them open to negotiation. Dennis

Posted by geri on Mayo 21, 2000

I’ve been in Mexico too long if $275 for a double is economical lodging! Villa Serena does look beautiful, however. Cindy is right. The beaches are practically empty in Mexico in May. Just come on down and find the place that is right for YOU. geri

Posted by Joseph on Mayo 21, 2000

Whoa folks! I thought the $275 beginning price was unreasonable too, so I checked the Spanish version of the website. The beginning price per night, double is stated as $275.00 PESOS. That is way below US$30.00. Looks very nice and Bucerias is a very nice town.

Posted by geri on Mayo 21, 2000

Now, that’s economical! I thought it was dollars since it was in English. I’m heading to Bucerias one day soon!!!!



Posted by Andy on Junio 04, 2000

Has anyone stayed in the RV park located on south side of Centro Bucerias? How was your experience in this park? Any suggestions for other RV parks in the area?

Posted by Judy Gibbs on Junio 04, 2000

I have had a lot of help from this forum. Maybe I can help you. The RV park in Bucerias south is the only one in Bucerias. I was told in Mazatlan while I was heading north that it closed before Easter. For how long I don’t know. Be sure and check. Tel.(329)8-02-65.fx (329)8-03-00. There is a nice RV park in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle just north of Bucerias called Piedra Blanca.

Posted by David Eidell on Junio 04, 2000

The park is OK. Don’t leave anything out and unattended at night. David


Posted by Wendy on Abril 03, 2000

As you probably know there are several small coastal towns along the Nayarit coast. Las Varas has a clinic but the nearest hospitals are in the cities of Tepic, P.V. and of course Guadalajara. P.V. and especially Guadalajara are considered to have excellent medical services and hospitals. P.V. has expanded its services greatly in recent years to cope with its growth as an international tourist destination and expatriate retirement center. Also there is quality Air Ambulance service and programs available from P.V. if you do not wish long term hospitalization there. This used to be my avenue of expertise so I always keep an eye out for developments in this area.

I guess the question that I always have when contemplating full-time retirement living in Mexico is:
What would it be like to live in the same place all year round? That rules out many places in my mind. Many small places like San Francisco, Rincon, Aticama etc. all have their passionate fans. One of my cousins is trying out her first six months in Lo de Marcos. Puerto Vallarta has some outlying neighborhoods that might invite investigation. Always the advice is given to try living, renting in an area before making any big moves. I live in a very small town and am naturally attracted to its equivalent in Mexico. But access to medical facilities, services like airports, Internet etc. would run through my mind. Hope that this bit helps. Sincerely Wendy

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