John McClelland

After 38 years of slugging it out to make a buck, I find myself saddled with Canadian dollars. These colourful bank notes are of no value in Europe and are ridiculed in the States. Fortunately they are loved in Mexico.

So, for whatever time remains to me, I plan to spend as much as possible south of the Rio Grande enjoying the people and the culture while at the same time writing stories that are hopefully filled with humour, pathos, personal foibles (mine) and the images, sounds, tastes and smells of Mexico.

I am “Canadian” (that’s a beer ad) and currently reside in Ottawa after growing up in Thunder Bay. I have an almost Masters Degree in Economics and worked for a bit as a foreign aid officer, the head of transportation planning for the Ontario department of highways and a senior officer in Canadian regional development programs. For the past 25 years I have been a homebuilder, land developer and commercial realtor. I have done all I want in the 8-to-5 world and never plan to spend another winter in the north.

If you live in Mexico or elsewhere and are interested in Mexico, I would love to hear from you. Just email me.

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