Mark Wise

We’re Mark and Tina Wise (and Alexa, our sweet golden retriever). We live in our country home (mi casa es su casa) in Tehuixtla, Morelos, 85 miles SW of Mexico City, 30 miles SW of Cuernavaca and 150 miles NW of Acapulco.

Ok, well, I’m 54 years old from Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo, California and retired Army (22 years). I’m also a photographer, runner, Iraq war vet, Scuba diver, notorious punster and gardener. Tina is…. well, she’s younger than me and a dual US/Mexican citizen who grew up in Mexico City. She’s an accomplished oil painter and salsa dancer.

We also run “Mex-cursions” in which we host the international traveler in our Bed and Breakfast country home and take them to more than 20 sites in Central Mexico and other parts of Mexico. I retired in May of 2004 and we came to the sleepy town of Tehuixtla, Morelos (pop 7,000 give-or-take a few burros), to build our country home and live a quiet, relaxed life.

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