David Haun

David Haun graduated from the University of North Texas and taught elementary school in Dallas, Denver and San Francisco. While he continued teaching workshops, the school system was not for him.

In the early 1970s,  his hobby of making jewelry turned into a full time profession. Since then, he and his business partner have traveled around the world as street artists and throughout the USA doing juried Art Festivals. After traveling around Mexico for many years, in 1993, Haun finally visited Michoacan to see a friend in Erongaricuaro. He stayed, yet continues to travel, with dual homes in “Eronga” and Austin, Texas.

Haun wrote travelogues for El Tope, the Eronga newspaper, distributed around Lake Patzcuaro and Morelia. Now, his focus is on supporting the arts of Michoacan, using The Michoacan Net Yahoo Forum and FaceBook Page, including the webpage, LakePatzcuaro.org.

Antique postcards from Michoacan are his current hobby, focusing on the eruption of Paricutin, during the peak of black and white, photo photos.

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