Oscar Encines

I am a native of Oaxaca. I love my state – its tradition, art and handicrafts, its food and everything that’s produced in it. As a cultural promoter, I have accepted the vocation of sharing the riches of Oaxaca and its people with the world. The magical and religious aspects of our life remain alive century after century, thanks to tradition, fiestas, legends, myths and other beliefs. This allows us to live in an atmosphere of harmony of body, mind and spirit.

From the Internet’s beginnings, I saw an opportunity to show the world what Oaxaca is and what is done here from an artistic and cultural perspective. We do so by sharing the legends, the art and our incredible crafts with the world.

With a group of artisans, I started the “Oaxacan.” It is a cultural website dedicated to Oaxaca. We publish a free monthly news letter. You can read the blog to get to know our members, their history and their work. You can learn of a lot about the craft traditions we have handed down as a legacy from generation to generation.

For several years, I’ve been an amateur for photography and decided to share a few selected photos as screen savers. Now, through “The Oaxacan,” you can buy works of art created by master Mexican artisans who dedicate most of their day to the creation of each piece.

I hope you like my stories and that you visit my webpage.

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