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Road Trip: Mexico

Posted by Bill on Mayo 12, 2000 Some of you might find the following article interesting in which the author describes his road trip. The story follows. Travelers who would think nothing of renting a car and eating their way through Tuscany or Provence quiver at the thought of doing the same thing in Mexico. […]


Where to shop for leather goods in Leon, Guanajuato?

roberth Feb 3, 2015, 8:36 PM Post #1 of 10 (23159 views) Shortcut Where to shop for leather goods in Leon, GTO? Can’t Post | Private Reply Hi all. We’re headed for a day trip to Guanajuato soon, and are wanting to stop by Leon first to shop for some leather goods. Any recommendations on […]


Headin’ South to Guadalajara from Nogales

Charlie G. Posted by Charlie G. on January 13, 1999 Headin’ South from Nogales (an update) My son and I crossed the border at Nogales yesterday (1/11) and were pleasantly surprised with the efficient system we found at the Mexican immigration and customs station on the loop west of Nogales about 19 miles below the […]


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