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Purchasing Furniture in Guadalajara-Tonalá Area

jameslcastner Nov 4, 2013, 11:54 AM Post #1 of 18 (56338 views) Shortcut Purchasing Furniture in Guadalajara-Tonalá Area Can’t Post | Private Reply Hello, I would like to purchase rustic or hacienda type furniture to be shipped back to my home in Florida. I am looking for a reliable store or factory with quality pieces […]

Area around the Colima volcano

Posted by dave on Mayo 04, 2000 Can anyone tell me what the area is like around the Colima volcano? I am interested in learning if there are any small villages, lakes and nice valleys around the area where one might buy a piece of property and spend the summers at a higher altitude. Are […]


Oaxaca to Guadalajara: The good.. the bad.. & the ugly

Posted by charlie g. on April 11, 1999 On the road again – Oaxaca to Guad – The good, the bad and the ugly After getting set up to stay in Oaxaca for a while I decided last week to make a quick trip to Guadalajara and Ajijic to pick up some stuff I left […]


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