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An array of books for sale in the tianguis, a traveling Mexican market. © Daniel Wheeler, 2009

The difference between “te amo” and “te quiero”

MyGirlReyes, Jan 5, 2004 The difference between “te amo” and “te quiero” Hola. I am just beginning to learn Spanish and I need some explanation on when to use “te amo” and “te quiero”. If I want to say to my grandmother or son or nephew “I love you” how does that translate to Spanish? […]


Mexico Highway Routes: Driving from Nogales to Uruapan

Hi, my family and I are traveling to Mexico in a few weeks. We are entering through Nogales and traveling to Uruapan, Michoacan. I have been trying (unsuccesfully) for several weeks to find a map of Mexico that has the new highways (cuotas?) shown. I know from past experience that the smaller highways are just […]


Mexican Wines

Posted by nancy on November 13, 2000 We are traveling to Mazatlan for Christmas this year and would love to sample some good Mexican wines. Can anyone supply us with the names of some good reds and whites? Posted by Bournemouth on November 14, 2000 Try L.A.Cetto, from Baja California. The owner of an Italian […]


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