Gerry Soroka

Gerry Soroka is a wandering Canadian journalist, using his craft as a starting point to adventure. He has worked at too many newspapers to enumerate here, but some notable positions included stints at the Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Telegram (now the Sun group of newspapers) and Reuters London.

He has worked as a reporter, rewriteman, copy editor, city editor, news editor, editor and publisher, not necessarily in order of importance. He was one of those fortunate newspapermen who started his career when hot metal prevailed, and participated in the transformation of printing and publishing from lead to computers and the internet.

He and his wife, Vera, an English girl, have lived in several Canadian communities. Together they owned and operated five newspapers and a magazine, in the process winning national and provincial awards for excellence in publishing.

Between jobs, they variously: hitchhiked around the world, constructed by hand a 3,000-square-foot log house, built a sailboat which took them to Mexico for a couple of years (then Hawaii and home), spent a year in northern wilderness isolation which gave Gerry time to pen a novel and Vera to master cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, launched two newspapers from scratch, and had a hell of a good life, which continues. Additionally, they managed to stay married for 42 years, a relationship which continues (happily).

Since Gerry’s first trip to Mexico (as crew on a sailboat) in 1989, they have been travelling together to Mexico most years, including durations of up to two years. They have lived in La Paz, Baja Sur, Ajijic and Melaque, Jalisco. They have travelled extensively in Mexico, splitting their time between their home on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and in Mexico wherever the horizon beckons.

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