Jeffrey R. Bacon

American born Jeffrey R. Bacon is a professor and research scientist at the Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango, in Durango, Durango, Mexico. He currently teaches Ecology in the University’s Escuela de Ciencias Químicas and carries out reaseach related to Mexican oak systematics and floristics in the Área de Ecología Forestal, at the University’s Instituto de Silvicultura e Industria de la Madera. Bacon curates the University’s Herbarium as part of his research. He has lived and worked in Durango since 1994.

Most of his published writing has appeared in scientific journals, like Systematic Botany, Madroño, Sida, Acta Botánica Mexicana, Ubamari, and the Boletín del Instituto de Botánica de la Universidad de Guadalajara. He has also published in editorial magazines and newspapers , including MidWest Outdoors, The El Paso Times, El Sol de Durango, El Boletín de COCYTED, El Siglo de Durango, and The Chihuahuan Desert Discovery.

You may reach him during traditional Mexican business hours at his University office number and fax: (1) 825-1886, or at his business cellular phone number: (1) 815-1042..

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