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Ed Tasca makes his home in Ajijic, Jalisco, where he has lived since 2005. His latest novel, The Fishing Trip That Got Away, is a comic misadventure that ends in redemption and discovery for both principal characters.

An professional writer, he was a winner in the Robert Benchley Society Humor-writing Competition three years in a row, including 2007. In 2006 he received the humorpress.com award and was the Spring 2008 winner of M. Culbertson’s Life and Humor award.

Other books by Ed Tasca are Return of the Lost Horses, a metaphysical mystery and a love story; Good Morning – Why is Everyone Here Naked?, a parody of Columbus and his discovery of America.

Tasca’s screenplays include:

  • Wounded, a full-length screenplay – done entirely without dialogue – optioned by Kaos Films and Scala Productions in England
  • The Duesie – optioned by Dazed TV in the UK
  • Getting On. Comedy Feature optioned in 1990 in Canada. Momentum Pictures
  • Off-Camera. Comedy/drama Feature optioned in 1992 in Canada. Momentum Pictures
  • Most Dangerous Woman In America. Docudrama optioned in 1998 in Los Angeles. Orly Adelson
  • Rosebud (Comedy Short). Sold outright to Delonra Films in 1999 in Los Angeles

Tasca’s work appears in humor publications in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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