Christina Stobbs

Christina Stobbs, a writer and aspiring professional photographer, lived full time, for almost five years, in the quaint and authentic Mexican beach town of Los Ayala, on the Rivera Nayarit.

Christina is writing a novel called Pursuing the Dream in which she narrates the story of planning,surviving, and enjoying, the adventures, challenges, and rich rewards of’ “Pursuing The Dream,” relating with humour and honesty the day-to-day happenings in tiny MAGICAL LOS AYALA. She promises that Pursuing the Dream will serve as a handy-dandy reference book, for folks similarly inclined and states that it will also be a great read, and bursting with laughter, as she intends to share all details, including the trials and tribulations, experienced adjusting to living and working in a different culture while pursuing her dream of living in Mexico with her husband Robert.

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