Vee Webber

Vee Webber is a native San Diegan, who fell in love at first sight with Baja. . . once she got past the Long Bar in TJ, and was introduced to the countryside by her husband of 17 years, Dick.

Being a preschool teacher has let her practice her first love. . . story telling.

As a homeowner near Ensenada, she started out feeling like “pioneer woman” in a 12ft trailer with no running water or electricity for the first couple of years. Now that her home is built, the water runs smoothly, both ways, and electricity is just around the corner. Her favorite activity in Baja is camping. . . the farther away from civilization the better. But she always comes home to La Bufadora. (Check out our website

When she first signed up for internet access she couldn’t find a chat room about Baja (so she made one, which can be visited by those on AOL every Monday evening at 8:00 PM Pacific Time at Keyword: Chat Beach).

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