Dennis Paul Morony

My good amigo, a tough Otomi ex-paratrooper from Toluca, a mocking smile on his face, “So, what have we here this morning? His boots are those of an obrero, his straw hat that of a campesino, but the suit pants, suspenders and matching tie, those of an intellectual. My, my! Could it be he’s a ‘ profe’ of ingles?

My favorite tailor, “Oh, but of course, it is always a pleasure to serve you, sir. Yes, the guayaberas are a bit challenging to fit, but so what? You are blessed with the pointed shoulders of today’s young Mexico City intellectual, and believe you me, Señor, with also a most impressive girth.”

Born the long side of fifty years ago near the outskirts of Campo del Gato in Hidalgo County in deep South Texas, Dennis grew up in a authentic border culture.

After completing what has long served for most of his higher learning at Donna High School (Class of ’66) Dennis, along with a number of contemporaries spent a few years heeding the call of the Leader of the Free World to make said World Safe for Democracy, General Motors, and the American Way (pronounced “Buey”, in Spanish).

From there he’s worked and lived hither and yon, much of the last seven or eight years off and on in Mexico.

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