Tourists sit atop the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan to contemplate the majestic Pyramid of the Sun. This archeological zone is located outside Mexico City. © Rick Meyer, 2001

How does a Temporary Resident get a work permit for online work?

Thilini Wijesinhe  The temporary residency visa does not include work rights unless applied for based on potential work plans in Mexico. However, some temporary residents without work rights decide to work, which requires them to apply for permission to work separately. Usually, the permission to work known as “Permiso Para Trabajar” is obtained based on […]

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Herbs in a botica or yerberia in Amarillo are sold by the ounce or bag, and the price of the herb will include advice from the yerbero who will specify what quantity of the herb to use and how to take it. The most common form is herbal teas. In other cases the herb may be applied directly to the affected area. © John G. Gladstein, 2010

Mexico’s alternative medicine in Amarillo, Texas

In Mexico, alternative medicine has long been popular. With the increase of healthcare costs, insurance, traditional medicines and a visit to the doctor’s office in the U.S., many people are seeking alternative means to treat ailments, both physical and mental. “In most cases with non-traditional treatment, there is no language barrier, no need for an […]

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Many hospitals in Mexico have state-of-the-art staff and equipment in all major specialties

How Mexico will attract 5 million U.S. retirees

Without fanfare, President Felipe Calderon has been quietly working on attracting millions of U.S. retirees to Mexico by proposing the expansion of retirement benefits and medical tourism. It is anticipated this proposal will be brought up when President Calderon meets with President Barack Obama on an official visit May 19th, sources say. President Calderon, not […]

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Work Permits For Mexico – Advice from an old hat

Note: Though the terminology has changed since this post was written, the basic principles when applying for work permits remain very similar. Ask no more. Yes, foreigners can legally work in Mexico, for any length of time, provided they obtain the required permission from the Mexican Immigration Office. If you are one of those souls […]

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When Stings, Bites and Scratches from Animals and Insects Occur while in Mexico

Visitors to Mexico should be aware that problems may arise when bites, stings or scratches occur. We have reviewed the main causes below, along with suggestions for how to treat them. As always, when possible consult with a physician if first aid is not enough. Unlike other cuts or wounds, a human or animal bite […]

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