Phyllis Rauch

I moved to my Mexican village 30 years ago and have been blessed to live with people and in surroundings that still seem untouched by most of the ills of modern times.

In my village, families usually stay together and support each other. Trust, friendship and good humor are valued above how much one is worth financially. What is happening on the corner is usually more interesting that what’s on TV. When northerners come to visit our home, I hear the word “paradise” over and over again. Of course there are imperfections, here as anywhere, but even these can often seem charming.

My Austrian artist husband and I run a small B and B in Jocotepec, and I often share my stories with our guests over breakfast on the terrace. I hope you too will enjoy my slice of Mexican life, as much as I have enjoyed living it! I welcome hearing from you.

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