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Marla Hoover

“Every Child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Pablo Picasso

Art of every description is exhibited in Puerto Vallarta, from bohemian and Huichol to expressionistic and figurative. You’ll find a variety of media: watercolors, oil, acrylic, felt pen, pencil, charcoal, gold leaf, mixedmedia, ceramic, bronze, terra cotta, clay, iron, even latex and enamel. If it can be painted, sculpted, made into collage, cast or thrown, it is exhibited in the galleries of Puerto Vallarta. National and international artisans alike bring their work here. Artists whose work has been enjoyed for years, up-and-coming artists, as well as scene-bursting new discoveries all display their most recent works. They’ve mastered the art of maintaining their creative child, while growing up.

The public is invited to attend cocktail receptions during frequent “Art Walk” inaugurations. With maps in hand, patrons stroll from gallery to gallery, enjoying art walks in the downtown and marina areas. There are over 90 such art openings each season in Puerto Vallarta. Each exhibits the latest works of the honored artist.

The galleries of historic “Viejo Vallarta” or Old Town, such as Galeria Vallarta, Uno, Arte LatinoAmericano, Rosas Blancas, Pueblo Real, Pacifico, and Galeria Café Des Artistes, exhibit fine works by accomplished artists. Look for Daniel Ruffert’s strong, earthy paintings of the Mexican landscape, Angeline Kyba’s colorful acrylic scenes of Vallarta life or Antonio Acosta’s stunningly vibrant still lifes.

The unique Pueblo Real opened its doors in 1997. Housed in an historic building, it contains five galleries that frame a center courtyard café. Here, the public can view several different types of art as well as watch artists work and teach.

The talented Andrade family: mother, Guadalupe, and sons Esau and Raymundo, each present their latest works at Puerto Vallarta galleries, showing their interpretations of their Mexican heritage. One can also find Vladimir Cora’s new works, a series of exciting abstract images.

The galleries of the south side, Gallery’s Dante, Pajro, Muvieri,and Indignia, offer a diverse look at art again this season. Here, the public can see the newest in classical and contemporary sculptures of the talented Quintero, Octavio Gonzalez and Gabriel Colunga. Historical Mexican Indian tribal art, Mexican dance masks, folk art, rural Mexican antiques, and the beautiful bead and yarn work of the Huichol Indians can also be seen.

At cocktail inaugurations, you’ll find art work of Puerto Vallarta’s finest artisans, such as the timeless beauty of native Mexican and American people painted by Marta Gilbert, Rogelio Diaz’s energetic, and spontaneous mastery of modern abstract painting, the quiet countrysides of France and the lively market places of Mexico, painted by the famous expressionist Evelyn Boren.

The fine art galleries of Marina Vallarta, Arte Del Las Americas, Puerco Azul, Galeria Em, Galeria Flores, Centigram and the newest addition, Pladi, present the works of such great artists as Daniel Palma and his kinetic and ingenious sculpture, made from natural materials, Melinita Hooper’s colorful and expressive paintings, many of which depict her favorite theme, “all that is Mexican;” and the tropical colors and abstract translations painted by local artist, Brewster Brockmann.

Collectors of fine Mexican crafts and art items have a chance to obtain the work of local and international artisans such as Santo Lucan Neri, Kim Wilson, and of course the whimsy of Lencho. Wearable art such as gorgeous silver jewelery, and delectable pearl adornments are always a popular exhibit at the Marina. Exquisite etched and stained glass art is also exhibited. The work is done at Galeria Em in Puerto Vallarta by a team of expert glass handlers. These wonderful pieces are of the highest quality and beauty that exists anywhere.

The public also has the opportunity to see the popular work of Luis Castellano. His lively expressionistic paintings continue to be best sellers. Octavio Ocampo is also represented — his latest “metamorphic art,” an ingenious style of optical illusions, painted into his compositions. Ian Xavier Sanchez gives us his fantastic watercolors, painted with youthful exuberance and vitality.

Art Season in Puerto Vallarta also gives visitors and locals a chance to see the work of the masters such as Dali, Picasso, and Diego Rivera as well as the mesmerizing large-scale portrait pieces of Fernando Sandoval. Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon is enhanced with the triumphant new sculptures of Alejandro Colunga. The works of several independent artists are presented at various venues. Maggie Flocco, Caroline Bartlett, Meridy Voltz all exhibit their new work to receptive audiences.

In Puerto Vallarta, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy the fruits of many artists. It is a Mecca for those who collect, study, or just take pleasure in viewing the esthetic.

“Art Season” begins in November with the first of the Downtown and Marina Art Walks.

Published or Updated on: April 1, 2000 by Marla Hoover © 2000
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