Renée J. LaPerrière de Gutiérrez

Renée lives and works in los dos Laredos. In order to support her coffee-drinking, cat-intensive lifestyle Renée works on the “other” side of the river–in Laredo, Texas. As a Reference/Special Collections Librarian at Texas A&M International University, Renée puts her eclectic knowledge and multiple degrees to work and tries to stay out of trouble (sometimes successfully).

Renée and her spouse, a native of Monterrey, moved to Nuevo Laredo almost two years ago. With nine cats (and a budgie) in the family, it is almost as difficult to find a place to rent in Mexico as it is in the US. Thus, Renée and her family usually end up living in challenging and interesting neighborhoods. At present, they live within walking distance of both La Loma prison and the Campo Militar.

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