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Posted by Ann Bice on June 29, 1997

We are planning to check out the Guad-Lake area for potential retirement-it sounds too good to be true.

Anyway, we can get cheap airfare from Denver to Vallarta- much cheaper than to Guadaljara. Does it make sense to take the bus or train from Vallarta to Guad-Lake cost-wise? Also, if, so which should we take? Is August a good month to visit?

Posted by Dumois on June 29, 1997

There is first class bus service from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara and back. You may try L?nea Dorada or ETN. Don’t know the exact fares as of today, but I think a one way ticket won’t cost you more than Mex$150 -about U$19. The new toll road is very safe and fast. A bus would take less than four hours for the trip, I guess. August is in the middle of the rainy season, but it usually rains in the evenings or late afternoons down here.

Posted by Geri on June 29, 1997

Don’t forget that it costs about $16 for a taxi from the airport into town to the bus station, unless you have a package deal where transfer to hotel is included. Do you know a cheaper way, Dumois? I know there are local buses that run along the highway into town, but that would be quite a hassle with luggage. Still, I’d do it to save money, if they’ll let me. Is luggage allowed on the local buses?

Posted by Ann on June 30, 1997

We travelled by ETN bus from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara in March, then by the same line from Guadalajara to Morelia. We found the journey ( about 4.5 hours from PV to Guadalajara) to be very comfortable more so than travelling by air – try to reserve the seats at the front of the bus as those sitting in the rear tend to open their windows, then the air conditioning does not work so well! WE stayed overnight in a hotel next to the bus station in Guadalajara – beautiful and inexpensive, but we did not sleep! Then we went ETN to Morelia – terrific roads, excellent driving too. Wouldn’t travel through Mexico any other way now. Wish we were going again!

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