The impact of currency exchange rates on your Mexican property

There is a way to protect yourself from currency fluctuations that may increase the cost of your property. The worldwide foreign exchange market is huge, with average daily turnover totaling approximately $3.2 trillion. In this industry, around 95% of all currency transactions are purely speculative, with the majority of trades being made by banks and […]

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How foreigners can purchase real estate in Mexico’s restricted areas

Foreigners can buy or invest in real estate in Mexico without any restriction, except in the coastal and border areas. There, foreign individuals and branches of foreign corporations can have 100% control of property through a real estate bank trust. Mexican corporations with foreign capital are allowed to buy directly if the property is to […]

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View of the ocean from a Puerto Vallarta balcony © Mexi-Go! 2011

A real estate overview of Puerto Vallarta

The real estate market can be divided into five distinct zones. The most northern zone, in the STATE OF NAYARIT, is approximately 45 minutes from central downtown Puerto Vallarta. The mega-resort in Punta de Mita is under way and this area will become one of exclusivity, anchored by the Four Seasons Hotel. Returning toward Puerto Vallarta […]

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