Melville King

  • 72 years young
  • male
  • divorced.
  • Two grandchildren 6 and 4. Boy, girl.
  • retired engineer (electrical) After 30 years service with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Moved to Mexico Jerez de García Salinas, Zacatecas in February 1988. Have lived here ever since. I became a legal resident FM2 three years ago and bought a lot and am building a house. I’m here in Jerez because:

  1. It is near the frontier. 9 hours to Laredo, 9 1/2 hours to Reynosa. I need to return to the USA every three months for a medication that is not yet available in México.
  2. It is about 6000 feet in altitude. I can’t stand higher altitudes.
  3. It is level. I can’t stand a hilly town. Walking problems.
  4. It is small. About 15 to 30 K. I like small towns.
  5. It is near large cities if I need anything.
  6. The climate during the summer is excellent. It does get a trifle cold in the winter, but the beach is only 6 1/2 hours away. Nayarit. Los Cocos.

As you can see from my stories, I like México. I do speak Spanish well, if not fluently. Learned it all here in México.

To keep from being bored to death in a small town I have matriculated in the University of Zacatecas in a bachelors degree course ” Introducción a las letras“. I have gone through my first semester and we are about half way through my second semester. All classes in Spanish of course. Except the Latin I .

What more do you need?

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