Karen Have

Karin Have is a single mom raising her teenage son, Andrew. They both like to travel.

Karin was born in Seattle but moved around while growing up. Her favorite places to live were Madrid, Spain and Santa Barbara county, California. Other places were Houston, Texas and Cocoa Beach, Florida.

The family kept a home in Seattle and used it as a home base since Karin’s father worked for Boeing. Karin and Andrew traveled to the Yucatan in February 1998 for about a month. Karin also went to Thailand by herself in April 2000 for 23 days. That trip report remains hand-written in her Moon Handbook.

For the past 20 years, Karin has lived in Anchorage, Alaska. Andrew was born there in 1982. Karin works as an electrical designer and CAD designer for a very small engineering firm.

Andrew excels in chess and won the scholastic state championship a year ago. Andrew brings his chess board everywhere and his favorite place to play is near Venice Beach, Calif. There is an international chess park right on the boardwalk and the foreigners, homeless, etc meet and play chess. Andrew looks forward to playing chess in the zocalos of Mexico City and Oaxaca in December 2000.

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