Cindy Ritmeester

My first visit to Mexico was in 1994 when I spent a week in San Miguel de Allende. I immediately fell in love with Mexico’s charm and beauty and vowed to come back after I finished university. Two years later that time had come and I went on a 4-month trip through Central America of which I spent 2 ½ months in Mexico.

Although I saw different parts of Mexico during my 2 ½ months stay I believe that it takes a life time to discover all that Mexico has to offer. My description of Mexico is “The Magical Country’ as I feel that there is ‘magic’ in the Mexican air. To me Mexico represents History, Culture and Passion.

After obtaining my Master’s Degree in American Studies, I pursued a career in Public Relations and am now working at the Internet department of an international computer company.

Besides salsa dancing and Mexican food, writing is also one of my passions. I have been a freelance writer for a Caribbean Cultural Newsletter for some years now and look forward to sharing some of my Mexican travel experiences with Mexico Connect readers. My wish is to live in South America/The Caribbean in the future and make more trips to Mexico.

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