Ruth Ross-Merrimer

“Searching for Malinche” is one in a collection of stories by Ruth Ross Merrimer titled: “Tall Tales & True Tales of Mexico.” Ruth started her collection in 1970, while she and her late husband Robert Merrimer were traveling the entire Republic of Mexico, making documentary films for the Mexican National Tourist Department. Ruth has lived in Mexico 20 years, first in Puerto Vallarta and for the last 13 years in Ajijic. A former columnist for the Guadalajara Colony Reporter, Ruth’s articles have appeared in publications in the U.S. and Mexico. Her first book – length novel: “Champagne & Tortillas” gives the reader a peep into the day – to – day lives of a colony of expats from the U. S. living in a small village in Mexico. They spend lazy days loving, caring, sharing, and backbiting; but when one of them is mysteriously murdered by two others in the colony, it becomes a recipe for the perfect murder. Champagne & Tortillas is available for purchase at shops and we –

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