Charles Dews

Writer, editor, and photographer Charles Dews makes his home in the San Rafael barrio of Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Mexico, DF. He and David Everett, his partner of twenty-five years, and Eartha Kitt, the Cat, live in an apartment building constructed in 1890 by Porfirio Díaz for his illegitimate daughters on a shady street a half-block from Parque Sullivan.

Sundays the pair stalks art bargains and tortitas de huauzoncles up and down the length of the park, occasionally buying a cheap watercolor or print and uncountable kilos of jitomates and papayas and fresh blue corn tortillas.

Dews obtained his licenciado in liberal arts from The University of Texas at Austin, with majors in history, Spanish, and English. He got his real education at Austin Community College in photography and graphic design.

Raised in the Minato-ku district of Tokyo, Japan, Dews feels perfectly comfortable in Mexico, the World´s Biggest and (according to the timid US State Department) Scariest City.

He has written about living in the City and in the República Mexicana for online publication Mr.News.Mx, worked as editor of Atención San Miguel and ¡Qué milagro es Michoacán! Dews has also written regularly for El Antiquario, and he and David Everett currently copyedit and occasionally write for the US national slick magazine Latino Leaders.

Past US publication includes The Animals Agenda, the Austin Chronicle, El Universal, PAWS Action Newsletter, Texas Triangle, Seattle Gay News, and Dews´s poetry has been collected along with that of Seattle poet Pat Andrus in a tape entitled Beangan, the New Branch.

His writing in The Loom, a publication of the Seattle Catholic Archdiocese´s AIDS Ministry (Dews worked as editor), has been collected into a chapbook entitled People Living With AIDS: A Closer Look.

Dews´s photos have appeared inside and on the covers of various wide-circulation publications, as well as in cafés, and galleries in both the US and Mexico.

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