Driving – Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta?

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Posted by Paul Woodman on January 27, 1997

I’m driving fro Guadalajara to PV and back. I would appreciate comments on routes and places to visit and things to see. Via Manzanillo ? Via Tepic, San Blas ? Hola!!!

Posted by BETSY on January 27, 1997

If you are going to PV from Guadalajara on highway 15, you will go to PV on the turnoff few miles (30) south of Tepic. You will also go by Tequila (needs no further explanation as to what to do, or what it is famous for), Magdalena with all its’ opals, and Compostela, a town there is very little to say about. The traveling time from Guadalajara  to P.V. is 4 hours fast, 5 slow, while you look around.

To come back to Guad. you can go south to Manzanillo, enjoy Santiago Beach there, and on the way visit, Melaque, San Patricio and Barra de Navidad. All have tourist accommodations, and Barra is very inexpensive, along with Melaque and San Patricio. The same cannot really be said about Manzanillo. From Manzanillo you can go back to Guad. on the autopista, coming via Colima, Cd. Guzman. On the old road from Manzanillo ( not very recommended, but very picturesque) you will go thru the mountains to Atenquique, and Sayula and Zacoalco de Torres, besides the ones mentioned.

Have a good time….. All the towns have something to show, however, not always easy to find.

Published or Updated on: January 27, 1998
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