Ann Ball

As she puts it, Ann Ball has a split personality. All day in her work managing a Houston security guard company she plays a perpetual game of Cops and Robbers, carries a gun, and cusses like a sailor. At night she creeps home and writes Catholic books and articles. Her specialties are the lives of the modern saints and Catholic heritage and tradition.

She has had a love affair with Mexico and its people since she was young. A pure Texan, her friends tease her and call her a Mexican at heart. At home with five cats, she enjoys reading, gardening, and messing around with the herbs she grows. When her foster son from El Salvador first came to live with her, he saw the herb cabinet and thought he had moved in with a bruja.

As for the books, her oldest son says “My mom is the only person I know who can write a cookbook one year and follow it up the next year with The Catholic Book of the Dead!” Ann’s favorite saint is, of course, a Mexican: Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J.

Ann is currently translating the lives of 8 of the Cristero martyrs from Jalisco who are up for Beatification.

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