Dory Jones

The first part of her life, Dory did what was expected of her. She earned her living, working in market research, insurance, puppetry, hand-knitting design and as a 900-line psychic. Simultaneously she did the caregiver thing, marrying and raising children and grandchildren.

Dory passed away in January 2006.

In the Agave Marias, Dory revealed her very unique approach to life. Her stories were feisty and laced with humour, irony, and dory’s uncompromising brand of wit. She was a gifted writer with an excellent talent for dialogue. For those of us who were her co-conspirators on the Agave Marias project, knowing and working with her was more than a chance for camaraderie, it was a chance to bask in a personality that radiated wisdom without needing to appear special, strength that never showed itself to be aggressive, and eccentricity that never needed the limelight. She was loved and respected by her Mexican neighbors and friends for her unpretentious, non-judgmental and accepting ways. On behalf of the “Marias,” and her many friends, “Que le vaya bien, dory.” May you go well.

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