Diodora Bucur

Diodora Bucur is a foreign correspondent whose career consists of stints with news organizations in both Canada and Mexico, including CBC News and the Canadian Press as well and Mexico City dailies The News and the now defunct The Herald Mexico. Assignments of note include the International EcoHealth Forum in Merida in 2008 and the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico City in 2007. She also covered the 2006 visit to Ottawa by President Felipe Calderón, during which she got an exclusive interview with Arturo Sarukhán, Mexican ambassador to Washington. Most recently, Diodora reported on the North American leaders’ summit in Guadalajara. Born in Romania and educated in Canada, Diodora is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Romanian and her journalistic work garnered several international and national journalism awards.

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