Carlene Fowlkes

carlene-folwkes-sCarlene’s bio is a simple love story – one between a wandering soul and the vibrant heart of Mexico. An American expat, Carlene Fowlkes left the U.S. for Mexico City, where she unexpectedly found her true calling.

What began as an adventure transformed into a deep, abiding passion for all things Mexican. Today, Carlene channels this love into her work as a writer, video content creator, and has even begun dabbling in tourism. Her articles paint vivid portraits of Mexico’s hidden gems and her new life as an immigrant, while her relatively new YouTube channel offers viewers an intimate glimpse into the country’s rich culture and breathtaking landscapes through walking video tours.

Carlene invites others to experience the Mexico she fell for—a land of warm people, rich traditions, and endless discovery. Her story is one of cultural bridge-building, ethical immersion, and showcasing how embracing a new home can lead to a life filled with purpose and passion.

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