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Good Carnitas Recipe

Robert Nov 30, 1919, 12:00 AM Post #1 of 4 (35981 views) Shortcut Good Carnitas Recipie Can’t Post | I am trying to figure out the best cut of pork and preperation meathod to make carnitas. I grew up in San Diego and just sort of took it for granted. I like it stringy pork […]

Question: What are Piñatas?

Posted by Chez on Marzo 28, 2000 On TV we saw a “Pinyada” I have no idea of the spelling. It was a stuffed shape (rather large) filled with sweets that you hang up and hit till it breaks and the sweets fall out. I have heard this is Mexican? My 6-year-old son thinks it […]

Purchasing Furniture in Guadalajara-Tonalá Area

jameslcastner Nov 4, 2013, 11:54 AM Post #1 of 18 (56338 views) Shortcut Purchasing Furniture in Guadalajara-Tonalá Area Can’t Post | Private Reply Hello, I would like to purchase rustic or hacienda type furniture to be shipped back to my home in Florida. I am looking for a reliable store or factory with quality pieces […]

The colonial cities

Posted by beth elsey on May 23, 1999 We plan to visit Queretero, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Morelia next week–would like any tips on charming places to stay (moderate range US50-70) and great places to eat. We will be doing the bus tour so places close enough to walk (less than a mile […]

An array of books for sale in the tianguis, a traveling Mexican market. © Daniel Wheeler, 2009

The expression “no mames!”

sioux4noff no mames! My husband has a buddy who uses the expression “no mames.” He (the friend) wasn’t very clear on the meaning or when one would use the expression. Same with the expression “no manchas”. Another expression the guys use is “te banas” , which seem to be slang for see ya later, but […]

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