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Living the retired life in Ensenada

Posted by Norm Wain on Junio 28, 2000 Wanting to be reasonably close to San Diego for my family in California and Kaiser HMO, I am probably moving to the Ensenada area later this year and hope to connect with people via e-mail who will be willing to answer some questions for me. I lived […]


Hidden Places Near Puerto Vallarta

HIDDEN PLACES NEAR PUERTO VALLARTA INFO ON YELAPA LODGING IN BUCERIAS RV PARK IN BUCERIAS MEDICAL SERVICES IN COASTAL NAYARIT AND PUERTO VALLARTA MEDICAL SERVICES: Posted by mike on Abril 27, 2000 Dear Friends, Someone suggested we hire a taxi for a half day. Does anyone have any ideas for truly hidden villages or jungle […]


Road Trip: Mexico

Posted by Bill on Mayo 12, 2000 Some of you might find the following article interesting in which the author describes his road trip. The story follows. Travelers who would think nothing of renting a car and eating their way through Tuscany or Provence quiver at the thought of doing the same thing in Mexico. […]


About San Miguel

Posted by Soren on January 26, 1998 I am curious about this place. I have heard it described in relation to the gringos at least, as a rather bitchy art colony but students come and go. What is the nature of the more permanent expat community?? Can any help? Regards, Soren Posted by geri on […]


Ensenada Info

Posted by Rafa Gonzalez on Julio 04, 2000 Hello, My name is Rafael Gonzalez, I currently live in San Diego, CA and Pili Trabado is my sister in law. By her request I will try to give you some information about Ensenada, Baja. I lived there for a great part of my life and I […]


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