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Accents: how the heck do I put those accents on letters?

A MexConnect forum discussion thread Posted by John Cummings on September 15, 1997 To be 100% correct you must use the numbers on the key pad on the right side of your keyboard. You also must have “Nums Lock” on. Then hold down the ‘alt’ key and type the appropriate 3 numbers. When you release […]

An array of books for sale in the tianguis, a traveling Mexican market. © Daniel Wheeler, 2009

Muy padre?

raferguson, Sep 1, 2009 I have been hearing more and more the phrase “muy padre”. I am inclined to translate it as “Way cool”. Any comments on this phrase in terms of meaning or common usage? Richard https://www.fergusonsculpture.com + + + + + + + Papirex Your interpretation is good. I just asked my Mexican […]


Headin’ South to Guadalajara from Nogales

Charlie G. Posted by Charlie G. on January 13, 1999 Headin’ South from Nogales (an update) My son and I crossed the border at Nogales yesterday (1/11) and were pleasantly surprised with the efficient system we found at the Mexican immigration and customs station on the loop west of Nogales about 19 miles below the […]


What is the deal with these tequila bottles?

kirkswig Oct 8, 2005, 7:14 PM What is the deal with these tequila bottles? Is there some kind of incantation I have to recite in order to coax the goodness out of the bottle? Gravity is failing to do the trick. From time to time, I have problems getting it to pour, but they usually […]


Mexican Regional accents

jerezano, Oct 5, 2008: Mexican Regional accents? In another thread in response to Oscar2 and “wedos” or “weros” or what have you, Esperanza wrote: Oscar, you are talking about the word güero…pronounced WEHR-oh.<<< Interesting. Here in Zacatecas the majority of the people actually sound the g in güero or güera. GWEH rro, GWEH rrah. Also […]


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