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Opening A Bank Account In Mexico

Posted by Ernie I hate to keep sounding negative, but I just closed my Mexican bank account after 3 years of frustration. The interest rate is not that great right now. Besides if the peso devalues you could lose everything. Checking is not really part of the Mexican culture. After 4 or 5 years I […]


Good Carnitas Recipe

Robert Nov 30, 1919, 12:00 AM Post #1 of 4 (35981 views) Shortcut Good Carnitas Recipie Can’t Post | I am trying to figure out the best cut of pork and preperation meathod to make carnitas. I grew up in San Diego and just sort of took it for granted. I like it stringy pork […]


Driving in Mexico: A short practical guide

The following is a practical guide to driving in Mexico compiled from experiences over the last several years. Driving in Mexico, in my opinion, is no more hazardous than driving anywhere else, however, it is different than driving in the United States or Canada. There are simply different things you have to be on the […]


The prettiest zocalo in Mexico, and other plazuela wanderings

Posted by Mike Otoole on August 05, 1997: Whenever I’m travelling in Mexico and I arrive in a new town, the first thing I want to see is la plaza de armas, the heart of almost every Mexican village, town or city. The way it is laid out, maintained and used tell me more in […]


Registered nurses working in Mexico

Posted by Tammi Lewis on Marzo 22, 2000 I am a RN who’s looking to move to Mexico and work there. Can anyone provide me with information about how to do this? Is it true that RN’s do not make much money there even with a Master’s degree? Posted by Bill on Marzo 22, 2000 […]


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