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Who is Subcomandante Marcos

Posted by Janis on August 12, 1999 Hola a Todos, This is not meant to be a political question, I know this may seem impossible, but I am looking for some factual info. Last evening I saw a documentary by Nettie Wild entitled “A Place Called Chiapas.” Wild is a Canadian filmmaker who spent eight […]


Visit to Patzcuaro

Posted by Lee Harrison on Abril 10, 2000 I’d like to share a few thoughts having just returned from a brief visit to Pátzcuaro, made for the purpose of sizing it up as a possible retirement venue. Let me start by saying that Pátzcuaro is unquestionably one of the greatest places to visit that exist […]


Ensenada Info

Posted by Rafa Gonzalez on Julio 04, 2000 Hello, My name is Rafael Gonzalez, I currently live in San Diego, CA and Pili Trabado is my sister in law. By her request I will try to give you some information about Ensenada, Baja. I lived there for a great part of my life and I […]


About San Miguel

Posted by Soren on January 26, 1998 I am curious about this place. I have heard it described in relation to the gringos at least, as a rather bitchy art colony but students come and go. What is the nature of the more permanent expat community?? Can any help? Regards, Soren Posted by geri on […]


Driving a Mexican-plated vehicle into the USA

Rolly Dec 17, 2009, 9:32 AM Post #1 of 15 (18586 views) Shortcut Driving a Mexican-plated vehicle into the USA Can’t Post | Private Reply Watch commander Klump. (520-375-5785) of the Customs and Border Protection Agency in Nogales gave these rules for crossing into the USA with Mexican plated vehicles: If you only have a […]


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