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Opening A Bank Account In Mexico

Posted by Ernie I hate to keep sounding negative, but I just closed my Mexican bank account after 3 years of frustration. The interest rate is not that great right now. Besides if the peso devalues you could lose everything. Checking is not really part of the Mexican culture. After 4 or 5 years I […]


Motorcycles in Mexico

Posted by Tom Mills on March 29, 2000 Any general information about driving a motorcycle would be helpful. Thinking about buying one in U.S., driving into Mexico, and using it as my only means of transportation. Any thoughts on safety, security, paperwork, insurance, etc? Thanks, Tom Posted by Jeff Pearson on March 29, 2000 As […]


Building costs in the Chapala area

Posted by Richard Alt on July 30, 1997: My wife and I have just returned from Ajijic. While there we toured real estate with a very competent man. We are currently negotiating for a property which is a walled lot with all utilities installed, a basic foundation, cistern, etc. for a small home. What we […]


Who is Subcomandante Marcos

Posted by Janis on August 12, 1999 Hola a Todos, This is not meant to be a political question, I know this may seem impossible, but I am looking for some factual info. Last evening I saw a documentary by Nettie Wild entitled “A Place Called Chiapas.” Wild is a Canadian filmmaker who spent eight […]


Home construction methods in Mexico

My wife and I are hoping to build a small (600-900 sq ft) house just north of Zihuatanejo this winter. (If we can sell our townhouse here.)I’ve been learning a bit about construction methods that involve building a house with “Lego-like” pieces that are made of styrofoam or polystyrene. Once the house is built, concrete […]


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