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Driving from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara

Posted by Leroy Blankenship on Marzo 28, 2000 We will be driving (yes, my brother insists upon driving instead of riding the bus) from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara next week, and return. It would be nice to take the fastest route in one direction and the most interesting or scenic route in the other direction. […]


Driving in Mexico: A short practical guide

The following is a practical guide to driving in Mexico compiled from experiences over the last several years. Driving in Mexico, in my opinion, is no more hazardous than driving anywhere else, however, it is different than driving in the United States or Canada. There are simply different things you have to be on the […]


Who can drive my car?

Posted by Ernie Gorrie on January 21, 1997 I know that it is very important to take out Mexican automobile insurance if one is planning to drive a car in Mexico. When we buy a car in Mexico, of course we will be getting insurance on it. My question is, what if we have friends […]

An array of books for sale in the tianguis, a traveling Mexican market. © Daniel Wheeler, 2009

On Posses and Prostitution

beatricemor, Nov 29, 2007, We bought into the El Cerrillo Barrio in San Cristóbal de Las Casas because it was near the indigenous market, the Santo Domingo convent and the town´s historic center. A wonderful and ancient barrio if rather poor and ratty in a charming way. Someone I know was telling a tale about […]


Home construction methods in Mexico

My wife and I are hoping to build a small (600-900 sq ft) house just north of Zihuatanejo this winter. (If we can sell our townhouse here.)I’ve been learning a bit about construction methods that involve building a house with “Lego-like” pieces that are made of styrofoam or polystyrene. Once the house is built, concrete […]


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