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Driving in Mexico: A short practical guide

The following is a practical guide to driving in Mexico compiled from experiences over the last several years. Driving in Mexico, in my opinion, is no more hazardous than driving anywhere else, however, it is different than driving in the United States or Canada. There are simply different things you have to be on the […]


Mexico’s Name

Posted by stephanea araujo on November 04, 1999 hi! does anyone know how Mexico got its name and when the people as a whole were first called Mexicans? does it have something to do with the Aztecs whom I think were also called the Mexias or Mexicas or something along those lines? Posted by Frank […]


Gays in Mexico

Posted by Alan Jones on March 30, 1997: I am gay and thinking of moving to Mexico. I would like to know what attitudes are like towards gays in Mexico. Also, I heard that there San Miguel de Allende has a “gay community”. Is that true? Is San Miguel more accepting of gays than other […]


Who is Subcomandante Marcos

Posted by Janis on August 12, 1999 Hola a Todos, This is not meant to be a political question, I know this may seem impossible, but I am looking for some factual info. Last evening I saw a documentary by Nettie Wild entitled “A Place Called Chiapas.” Wild is a Canadian filmmaker who spent eight […]


Real Estate Appraisals in Mexico

Intercasa Aug 7, 2014, 11:07 AM Real Estate Appraisals in Mexico. Here in Mexico we have three types of real estate appraisals. They are Tax (Catastral), Bank (Bancaria) and Commercial (Comercial). All appraisers must be licensed and most are engineers or architects who have postgraduate courses and state licenses and are also “peritos” or experts. […]

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