Kinich Ramirez

In his 27-plus years of living, Kinich Ramirez Martinez has tasted life in both Mexico and the US – traveling from Mexico City (where he was born in 1978) to Cancun; Guadalajara; Los Angeles, California; and finally back to Cancun once again.

This firstborn of Adolfo Ramirez and Guille Martinez, Kinich has experienced as much diversity from his choices of work as he has encountered from his choices of cities. His previous jobs encompass a range of fields, with prior positions including painter, waiter, rock and roll singer, and assistant music producer. Having a particular affinity for artistic paths since he was a young boy, he finally landed at photography – a career that engulfs him with a passion surpassing even the thrill found on stage as a rock and roll singer. When Kinich realized that photography gave him a spark strong enough to ignite his soul, body and mind, he decided to embark on this trip for life.

Kinich started as an amateur photographer with an old 35mm Minolta. He soon realized that he wanted to know more about processing, development and photo techniques, so he studied basic and advanced photography skills at Los Angeles City College. There, under the guidance of photographers Joe Djosack and Dan Marlos, he learned the necessary skills to become a professional photographer.

These days, Kinich continues his search for the perfect photograph, which is bound to take him to the ends of the earth and back. He is currently sharpening his photography skills in Cancun, Mexico, where he lives with his journalist wife, Erin.

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