Amy Kirkcaldy

In July 2002, I moved from Boston, Massachusetts, to Monterrey, Mexico, with the intention of remaining there for the rest of my life. It was an “international love affair” that brought me there. But I have had my doubts. Is my love for this man strong enough to keep me happy in a foreign country for the rest of my life? Will I be able to adapt to my new life and my new home? Will I be able to find a good Greek salad in Monterrey?

My transition has not been easy, but I have learned more in these five months than in my whole four years at an Ivy League college. I wish that I had known someone who had been through something similar, who could advise me, or at least tell me more about what actually living in Mexico is like. I hope that this column will serve as that “someone” who can give advice and simply share experiences about adjusting to life in Mexico. I will include both serious, practical information and anecdotal stories about my encounters with Mexican culture and society. I would love to hear from anyone with reactions to or suggestions for this monthly column.

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