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Campeche crestThe small state of Campeche is part of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula Region, along with the states of Yucatán and Quintana Roo. This region is the ancestral home of the Maya. The state’s capital city is Campeche, a colonial city which still preserves some of its ancient city walls and has UNESCO World Heritage status.

Away from the city, the state’s major tourist attractions are Ría Celestún – a coastal region of important wetlands with diverse fauna and flora, including flamingos – and the Calakmul biosphere reserve.

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Campeche: Cocktails and Seafood in a Pirates’ Paradise

Picture a small tropical city nestled up against sparkling coastal waters, surrounded by fortress walls, complete with drawbridges and moats to keep out invading buccaneers. Where, in the twenty-first century, could this possibly be? No, it isn’t Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. Nothing constructed by a theme park could come close to the real […]


Campeche-Style Pompano in Green Sauce: Pampano en Salsa Verde a la Campechana

Fish and salsa verde make a great combination. Serve this with black beans and rice for a classic campechano meal. Ingredients: 1 2-pound pompano, cleaned and scaled (snapper may also be used) juice of ½ lime 3 tablespoons corn oil ½ cup chopped onion 1 pound tomatillos, husked and coarsely chopped ½ cup chopped cilantro 2-3 serrano […]


Tortillas with Shredded Fish and Black Beans: Pan de Cazón

We first tried this dish at a restaurant near the seawall in Campeche. Perhaps because pan means bread, we were expecting something like a tuna or salmon loaf, but these stacks of tortillas spread with black beans and cooked fish, topped with tomato sauce, were a delicious surprise. Ingredients: For the fish filling: 1 tablespoon corn oil […]


Coconut shrimp: Camarones al coco

One of the signature dishes of Campeche cuisine, this combines the best of local shellfish with what might be the quintessential flavor of the tropics, coconut. At La Pigua, it is served accompanied by a homemade applesauce, an unexpected and surprisingly good complement. Ingredients: 24 jumbo shrimp, peeled, leaving the tail and first segment of […]


Mexican turkey in a dark spice sauce: Chilmole from the Yucatan

A traditional and delicious Mexican dish, chilmole — sometimes called relleno negro — is made from one of the classic recados, or seasoning combinations. This dish, said to have originated in Campeche, is eaten all over the Yucatan peninsula, especially around Christmas and the New Year, when there is an abundance of leftover holiday turkey. It is a nice change from […]


Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche

“It’s this heat… this heat… that scorches every cell of my body that kills me about this place,” the Texan says while sipping his drink. “I’m going to be a linguistic genius with that phrase ‘Hace mucho calor’ [It’s very hot] before I leave Carmen.” Located on the Gulf of Mexico off the Yucatan peninsula, lies the […]

Tarahumana Ojo de Lago 1997

Secret places in Mexico

As a child, I sometimes read comic books for entertainment. I did not believe in flying dragons but they certainly stimulated the imagination. As an old-timer, older than dirt, I read travel writers just for fun. I do believe some write at great length about Mexico without ever visiting. Case in point: Smarter Travel magazine […]

Maya girl © Luis Dumois, 1998

Campeche: on the edge of the Maya world

Located in the southwestern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula along the Gulf of Mexico, the State of Campeche was named after the ancient Maya Kingdom of Ah Kin Pech (Canpech). Campeche is bounded on the north and northeast by the State of Yucatán, on the east by the State of Quintana Roo, on the southeast […]

Interactive Map of the Yucatan Peninsula

Link to Interactive Maps of the Yucatan Peninsula

Clickable interactive map of Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico: Cancun, Merida, Chetumal, Cozumel

Interactive Map of Campeche

Interactive Map of Campeche

Interactive Map of Campeche Interactive map of Campeche, Mexico The state of Campeche is part of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, along with the states of Yucatán and Quintana Roo. This region is the ancestral home of the Maya. The state has an area of 57,925 square kilometers and a population of 608,535 (2010 estimate). The state’s […]


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