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Cradle of the mariachi, tequila, and the Jarabe Tapatío, or Mexican hat dance, for many, the state of Jalisco is the essence of Mexico.

State of Jalisco — Click to Enlarge
State of Jalisco — Click to Enlarge

Colonial cities with architectural jewels, Pueblos Mágicos, quiet alpine towns, sophisticated urban centers, and the pre-Hispanic site of Guachimontones with its circular pyramids vie with tropical beaches along Jalisco’s Pacific coast. Towns in the highlands are a mecca for religious tourism, while Guadalajara’s shopping, educational centers and medical facilities are second to none.

The north shore of Chapala — Mexico’s largest natural lake — is home to many people from the USA and Canada, and more reside in the area of Puerto Vallarta.

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Jalisco Maps

Interactive map of Jalisco


Lake Chapala Region

Places in Jalisco


Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco, a mecca of art, culture and commerce.

Puerto Vallarta area

Once a sleepy coastal village, Puerto Vallarta is a popular Pacific resort that hasn’t lost its charm.

Lake Chapala region

With residents from all over the world, the north shore of Mexico’s largest natural lake is one the most unique areas in the country.

Magdalena, Tequila and Amatitan

This is tequila country with traditional towns set in fields of blue agave. Jalisco’s Agave Landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tapalpa, Mazamitla and Sayula

With their fragrant pine forests, the mountain towns of Tapalpa and Mazamitla are often described as “alpine.” Sayula is located near a prehistoric lake bed popular for kite boarding.

Melaque and the Southern Coast

Jalisco’s southern coast is popular with eco-tourists and its small beach towns are charming.

Talpa de Allende

Talpa is best known for the beloved image of the Virgin of the Rosary. It is also home to a maple forest and site of eco-tourism.

Los Altos: The Jalisco Highlands

Los Altos is known for skilled horsemen, beautiful women, and a deep religious faith.

Off the beaten path

Good highways make Jalisco perfect for exploring off the beaten tourist track.

Tequila: Mexico’s fiery gift to the world

Mexico’s quintessential drink has its origins in pre-Hispanic times.

Jalisco History, Geology and Geography

Art, tradition, cuisine, handicrafts and folklore

The state of Jalisco boasts some of Mexico’s oldest traditions. Yet seven universities in the capital alone bring contemporary interpretations to the arts for the best of both worlds.

Art, crafts, architecture and music


Many of Mexico’s signature dishes evolved on its vast haciendas. Today, five culinary institutes turn out chefs with a nouvelle touch.

Tradition and folklore

Ethnic groups

Jalisco’s Virgins: religious tourism

Three beautiful Virgins in the state of Jalisco attract thousands of visitors each year.

Jalisco in literature

Picture galleries of the state of Jalisco

What better way to get acquainted with the state of Jalisco than through these eloquent photographs? Only a personal visit!

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