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Chihuahua is a land of magnificent scenery — mountains, canyons, deserts and fresh, clean, clear air. Its spectacular canyons are the biggest in North America. Within the canyons are beautiful waterfalls, one of which is the highest in Mexico. Chihuahua also contains fertile valleys — orchards and crop fields that were coaxed from the desert by the persistence of hardworking, warm, and loyal people.

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The state of Chihuahua is located in the north of Mexico, on the Northwest Central Plain. It is bordered to the north and northeast by the United States, to the west and south by the state of Sonora, and to the southeast by the state of Sinaloa. Chihuahua covers a surface area of 244,938 square kilometers, making it the largest state in Mexico. Its climate is dry to semi-arid, though there is regular rainfall and occasional extremes in temperature. The average annual temperature is 68º F.

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Colonial era hotel in Parral de Hidalgo
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