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The state of Michoacán, Mexico - resource page by Mexconnect Staff © 2011

Michoacán - the soul of Mexico

The state of Michoacán is an uncommon place. From the sugar cane fields of Los Reyes, the avocados, coffee, and macadamia nuts of Uruapan, the melon fields of Apatzingán, the rice fields of Lombardia and Nueva Italia, the pears of Ucareo, the pescado blanco of Patzcuaro, to the ruggedly pristine Pacific coast, the endless pine-crested peaks of Mil Cumbres, the mines and butterflies of Angangueo and the former mining town of Tlalpujahua.

Michoacán is as varied a state as you'll find anywhere in Mexico. Michoacán is craft-central for all kinds of handicrafts and ground zero for Noche de Muertos. The guitars of Paracho, the lace of Aranza, the deshilado of San Felipe de los Herreros, the masks of Tocuaro, the devils of Ocumicho, and the pottery of Capula... And don't miss the Meseta Purépecha, the archeological wonders of Tingambato, Tzintzuntzan and Ihuatzio or the copper workers of Santa Clara de Cobre. Morelia, the most Spanish of all Mexican cities, warrants a book all its own.

This is the state which produced one of Mexico's most revered leaders - Lázaro Cárdenas. This is the state which has sent off the second-highest number of its own to work across foreign borders. This is the state in which the oldest university in the American continent was founded back in 1540.

Michoacán is craft and industry. Michoacán is history and leadership. Michoacán is a kaleidoscope of natural beauty. Michoacán is art and music, and Michoacán is education. Michoacán is the guardian of tradition, and the face of tomorrow. This is the state whose pride knows no bounds, and this is the state everyone loves.

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The State:

Link to interactive map of Michoacán
Introduction to Michoacán
Michoacan:Celebrating the Days of the Dead
Michoacan Cuisine
The Meseta Purepecha - Exploring Michoacán
Alternative Tourism in Michoacán


A Day in the Life of - the 'Ver Bien' Programme
"The Ghost of Coalcomán"
- En Español
Rural Education: Making an Impact Through Recognizing the Importance
Tarasco Culture and Empire

Cities & Towns


Morelia Weather

Tingambato - Pyramid
Tingambato - Pyramid

- Cultural World Heritage

Finding Joy in Daily Life in Morelia
Peace & Beauty - Roaming the Hills Around Morelia
Morelia - Land of Adventures for Children
Why are there so few Ex-Pats living in Morelia?

Pátzcuaro & Area

The Serene Magic of Pátzcuaro
Pátzcuaro, Michoacan… the Soul of the Meseta Purepecha
Colonial Lake Pátzcuaro
Vasco de Quiroga: Notes on a Practical Utopian
Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán: Scourge of Michoacán
Santa Clara de Cobre & Erongarícuaro. 2 Craft Towns of Pátzcuaro
Santa Clara de Cobre & Erongarícuaro - Where to Stay.
Tzurumútaro - a Town at the Crossroads
Tupátaro: Mexico's Sistine Chapel
Prozac In The Air - Zirahuen, Michoacán.
Janitzio - Comparing Memories

It is a relatively easy walk to the partially buried (approx 50 feet of lava) Templo San Juan. I was surprised to find lots of people around the church. A tent restaurant is nearby where you can buy drinks and food.
Paricutín Volcano


Uruapan - The Real Mexico. Paricutin, Tingambato, Paracho
Palm Sunday Crafts Fair in Uruapan

Michoacán's Pacific Coast

Playa Azul: Life, Currents and a Mexican Amigo
Playa Azul & Caleta de Campos

Other Places

San Juan Parangaricutiro: winner of the 2004 United Nations Development Program Equator Prize
Journey to Patamban, Ocumicho & Fiesta de Cristo Rey
An Unexpected Encounter with Several Million Butterflies - Self Tour
Butterflies by the Million : The Monarchs of Michoacán
The Yearly Sojourn of Heat-seeking Monarch Butterflies
The Majestic Monarch Butterfly

The Arts

Alfredo Zalce Michoacán's Living Legend
Artesania de Michoacán
The Family That Carves Together.... Eliseo Castillo & Enedina Castillo Castillo
Historical Morelia - Images
Michoacan's Master Craftspeople and their Arts


Songs of Michoacán
Purepecha Music (Off-site)

Galleries - A visual tour

Parque Nacional Eduardo Ruiz - Waterfall
Parque Nacional Eduardo Ruiz - Waterfall

Fiestas & Fauna of Michoacán
Images of Rural Michoacán
Uruapan - The Real Mexico
Paricutín & Surrounding Area
Artesanias de Michoacán
Visions of Patzcuaro
Fiestas & Fauna of Michoacán
Historical Morelia
Meseta Tarasca
Tzurumútaro - a Town at the Crossroads
Journey to Patamban & Ocumicho
#1 - Santa Clara de Cobre & Erongarícuaro I
#2 - Santa Clara de Cobre & Erongarícuaro II
Playa Azul
The colorful carvings of Cuanajo
Skeletons and art in Capula
Flavors of Mexico: Indigenous kitchens - The P'urepecha, Michoacán


Click here for detailed, interactive PDF map of Michoacán — It's amazing!

Weather and Climate

The central part of Michoacán is temperate; the mountain ranges are cooler; the lower areas are warmer. The monthly average temperatures range from 13° C to 29° C, with the coldest period during January and the warmest during the month of May. The rainy season is from May to September.
Morelia Weather

Lázaro Cárdenas
Lazaro Cardenas


Mexconnect's rich collection of Michoacán resources would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of:

  • jennifer rose of Morelia, who coordinated and assembled the materials, and also contributed a number of original articles herself;
  • The various Secretarías de Turismo at the state and municipal levels who provided excellent translations of various materials;
  • Tony Burton for his fascinating interactive mapping;
  • All the authors and photographers who willingly shared their materials.

To all of the contributors - Thank-you.

To all of the readers - Enjoy!

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