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Photo Gallery: Masks of Mexico - Mascaras de Mexico (Photos: Jack Weatherington)
Photo Gallery: Mexican masks

From romance to religion, to crimes of passion and crimes of the heart, masks have intrigued, beguiled, and fascinated us from pre-historic cave dwellers to the present.

Although masks are found in virtually every culture in the world perhaps no culture has embraced the art of the mask as in Mexico.

  • What lies behind the mask?
  • Do they give the power to heal to the shaman?
  • What are the secrets they hide?
  • Do they allow the lovers true heart to speak and conquer?

Master photographer Jack Weatherington shares this fascination with masks, especially the hauntingly beautiful, and sometimes simply haunting centuries old masks native to the indigenous peoples of Mexico.

? I know the power of the mask. When I am preparing to photograph them, often it is as though the person who created it is there with me. Sometimes, for the briefest of moments, the veil of time lifts and I can see and feel the power of the centuries old moment of its creation.

It is this power. This passion. Indeed, the majesty, I have tried to capture in my photographs.?

These are just a few of the exquisite photographs now available from the collection of Jack Weatherington.

Printed on high quality Cibachrome stock each high gloss print is numbered, signed by the photographer and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Each print is shipped to you mounted and ready for matting and framing.

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