The Zapata Route in Morelos Part 2: Museum at the ex-hacienda in Chinameca. © Julia Taylor 2007

The Zapata Route In Morelos Part 2: His Heart Stopped Beating

Part 1 – The Land Was in His Heart Zapata’s Death After leaving Museo Casa de Zapata your next stop in the Zapata Route is in Chinameca where he was shot. It’s quiet at the ex-hacienda Chinameca and it’s easy to feel the sadness of knowing that Zapata died there. There are three things of interest in […]

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The Zapata Route in Morelos Part 1: Mural at the Museo Casa de Zapata. © Julia Taylor 2007

The Zapata Route in Morelos Part 1: The Land Was in His Heart

At the heart of liberty is land. Emiliano Zapata knew this better than anyone; his slogan was “Tierra y Libertad!” (Land and Liberty!) This key figure in the Mexican Revolution was born in the heart of the state of Morelos and today you can travel la Ruta de Zapata (The Zapata Route). In the course of one […]

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Our son with two of his neighbors

Kooks in the Kitchen and Great Social Skills: A Mother’s Trade-off in Mexico

Sometimes circumstances in Mexico make it harder to care for a child. But overall, Mexico has given us many blessings as parents. “Kook! Kook!” our son, standing on a chair and pointing emphatically at one particular spot on our kitchen shelves, kept repeating, “kook.” “¿Qué quieres? No te entiendo. ¿Qué es ‘cuc’?” My husband was getting […]

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Viva La Baja! Relocation and Real Estate Guide to the Baja California Peninsula by Molly McHugh

Molly McHugh’s recently published Viva La Baja! Relocation and Real Estate Guide to the Baja California Peninsula provides concise, easy to use information for anyone interested in north or south Baja. It is obvious that McHugh’s objective is to provide an excellent product that will be useful for people of all ages and from all walks […]

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This Diego Rivera mosaic was originally built near the swimming pool of a private home. It depicts native Mexicans bathing in a stream. © Julia Taylor 2008

Cuernavaca’s Muros Museum: There’s Heart within These Walls

Muros, which means “walls” in Spanish, opened to the public in May of 2004. It is the only museum in Cuernavaca, Morelos originally designed to be a museum. The space is flexible with movable lighting, high ceilings and open areas in which display environments can be constructed. The museum gets its name from its 3,600 square […]

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The lovely complex has both deep and shallow pools. The park is perfect for family fun in Mexico. © Julia Taylor 2008

Family fun at Parque Aquatico Oaxtepec near Cuernavaca, Morelos

As soon as you walk in the gates of PAO (Parque Aquatico Oaxtepec) you know that everyone in your family is going to have fun. Right in front of the entrance is a sparkling pool with child-accessible water slides under towering palm trees surrounded by an impeccable lawn. All the paths are swept and, if […]

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Arches from the original Mexican hacienda's structures are exceptionally beautiful. © Julia Taylor 2008

Play to Your Heart’s Content at the Ex-Hacienda de Temixco in Morelos Part Two: A Long and Varied History

Julia Taylor Ex-haciendas have a feeling of elegance that you can experience only in Mexico. ( Part One: 32 Acres of Aqua Fun) As if the water park weren’t enough, the buildings of the hacienda still stand and have been converted into lovely gardens, providing an elegant area that can be rented for a mere 84,000 […]

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A "secret" cave makes this pool fun to explorein the Ex-Hacienda Temixco in Morelos, Mexico. © Julia Taylor 2008

Play to Your Heart’s Content at the Ex-Hacienda de Temixco in Morelos Part One: 32 Acres of Aqua Fun

Just twenty minutes from downtown Cuernavaca, you pass from the noisy, hot traffic of Temixco, Mexico, into the relaxation and fun of the Ex-Hacienda de Temixco water park. As you walk through the gate of the main entrance you instantly begin to enjoy the exquisite gardens surrounding the immaculately kept swimming pools and other facilities. […]

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