A message declaring "Palm Sunday" spins atop a castillo during Palm Sunday festivities in Mexico. © Julia Taylor, 2007

Santa Maria – Morelos Puts Heart Into Its Festivals

What is at the heart of festivals in Mexico? Mexican festivals have something special that those of us non-Mexicans just have to experience to understand. Santa Maria Ahuacatilan, Morelos is the place to experience church centered community celebration. This little town just north of Cuernavaca is maintaining its festival traditions into the 21st century. For […]

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Shops and restaurants line the street, inviting visitors and residents alike inside to browse. © Julia Taylor 2007

Tepoztlan, Morelos Has It All – Part One

To Part Two Tepoztlan also has a feeling of extra magic. It is home to a mountaintop pyramid, UFO sightings, one of Mexico’s best midwives, and clairvoyants. Spanish speakers or not, experienced travelers or newbies, adventurous or shy, shoppers, history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts-Tepoztlan, Morelos welcomes them all and still manages to stay Mexican. There’s something […]

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Am I richer or poorer in Mexico? I’m certainly richer in gratitude. The simple fact that everything is not as easy as it was before makes me better at appreciating what I have. When I first moved to Mexico I was scared, sad, and very, very angry. At a tippy table in a hot torta shop, I […]

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How to plan realistic communicative practices in the ESL classroom

Would you ever walk up to someone, shake their hand and start to describe what you’re wearing? “Hi. I’m wearing a beige T-shirt, blue jeans, a black belt and black shoes.” No, of course you wouldn’t because the person would look you in the eye and say, “I can see what you’re wearing, you idiot.” […]

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Join us to experience the other Mexico and the roads our ancestors traveled.

The Pre-Hispanic, The Colonial, The Royal Roads Of Morelos And Puebla

Step by step, all roads are formed by those who walk them. The roads of Mexico were first formed by native people walking from city to city. These roads – some paved – were used for conducting warfare, cultural interchange, and commerce. Later these same roads were trod by the heavy horses of the conquering […]

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