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raferguson, Sep 1, 2009

I have been hearing more and more the phrase “muy padre”. I am inclined to translate it as “Way cool”. Any comments on this phrase in terms of meaning or common usage?


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Your interpretation is good. I just asked my Mexican wife about the slang expression “muy padre”, she is familiar with it and she said it means something that is wonderful, very nice, or good. She agrees that way cool fits.

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Muy común aqui en my calle. I often hear both ‘muy padre’ and ‘qué padre’, meaning something that’s very nice, cool, sharp, or something we really like. Additionally, either ‘muy’ or ‘padre’ are often dragged out, to indicate something is reallllllllyyyyy coollllllll. So, go ahead, and use ‘muy padre’ and ‘que padre’ to your heart’s content. You’ll be considered cool! At least by the younger crowd!

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Manuel Dexterity

Also “a toda madre” and “de poca madre”.

Then you have….hasta la madre, a madres, no tiene madre, hecho madre, vale madre, ni madre…..

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You do have to be careful when using madre this way though. There are plenty of dichos in Mexican Spanish where madre is used to indicate something bad or screwed up.

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sergiogomez / Moderator

Spot on. Padre, chido, suave = cool, sweet, awesome, whatever slang term you prefer. Está a toda madre (or a toda maiz, or toda maicena–there are endless variations of the term) is the same as saying qué padre or está padre, with the exception that madre phrases are best reserved for guys-only conversations. Preferably guys that you’re very comfortable with. Women aren’t really supposed to use words like this, but then again you’d be surprised what comes out of some of those pretty ladies’ mouths when they get a lively conversation (and some beer) flowing in their corner of the party. Heck, I’ve been guilty plenty of times myself, for no better reason than wanting to do what you’re not supposed to do. =)

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