So, you know Spanish and Mexican culture concerning languages? A bit of advice

Unless you are one hundred percent fluent in Spanish, expect the Mexicans around you to know more English than you do Spanish. Bob, a friend, retired to Mexico and opened a small maintenance business. He didn’t need to know the simple or common Spanish words for chair, table, or car for his investment. He instead […]

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Weights, Measures and Conversions: Translations

  Common Cooking Conversions Fruit – Name Translations Vegetables – Name Translations Herbs & Spices – Name Translations Seafood – Name Translations Meats – Name Translations Poultry – Name Translations   Our unit conversion calculators are no longer active. To convert between common units please refer to the Google Unit Converter here.     Published […]

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Town Meeting © Judith Cooper Haden, 2002

Communicating across Cultures

Communication is more than just speaking, writing, and editing; it also involves information gathering and teamwork. In the economy of the new century, this means communicating cross-culturally. There are three main components to any communication: subject matter medium of delivery cultural considerations Of the three, the third is generally ignored. While fashionable phrases get uttered […]

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