A Spanish Galleon aground on the Baja California Peninsula, illustration by Gordon Miller. Reproduced by kind permission of the artist; all rights reserved.

Solving the mystery of a lost Spanish galleon on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula

When European ships were wrecked at sea, a Christian burial was usually afforded those whose bodies washed up on the shoreline. That was not the case here. Somewhere on a desolate stretch of a Baja California beach lie the bones and cargo of a once majestic Spanish galleon. It was around 1576 when she vanished […]

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Rear vista of the Cerro de la Cilla, Monterrey’s emblematic, saddle-shaped mountain peaks in Cumbres de Monterrey National Park. © Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr. 2020

An Evening in Nuevo Leon’s Amazing Cumbres de Monterrey National Park

At the end of a demanding day of sales visits in Nuevo León, (see Part I – Research and innovation in the plastics industry in Nuevo León), my colleague Daniel Rodríquez weaves through Monterrey’s rush hour traffic with the skill of a local taxi driver. The day’s bright sunlight is starting to fade and, as […]

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This impressive ultra-modern building houses Camara de la Industria de Transformación de Nuevo León or CAINTRA, as well as the offices of an industrial organization called the Instituto Mexicano de Innovación y Technología en Plásticos y Hule A.C. © Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr. 2020

Research and innovation in the plastics industry in Nuevo Leon

Friends call me Joe.  I’ve spent most of the past two decades working in the plastics business, or as it’s called in Mexico, “plásticos.” I work for a New York-based supplier of materials for industry, and am tasked with generating sales at companies that can use our products to make pipe or electrical cables. There’s […]

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The original photo of the second ceiling mural by artist Ettore Serbaroli in Chihuahua. It shows cherubs similar to those sketched in Josefina's autograph book. © Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr., 2014

On the trail of lost art works in Chihuahua

Where are people and stories brought together from far-flung places around the globe? One place is MexConnect.com. Several years ago my story about a quest for art treasures in Chihuahua was published here. I traveled there from New York with my daughter Elise to find artworks that were painted by my grandfather, the artist Ettore Serbaroli (1881 […]

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Photo of Manuel Rocha y Chabre with his wife Adriana and their two children. Manuel Rocha y Chabre was a well known poet in Chihahua in the early 1900s © Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr., 2010

Discovering Clues to the Legacy of a Mexican Poet: Manuel Rocha y Chabre

Poets have always intrigued me. Sensitive and observant about the world around them, they are an eclectic blend of artist, philosopher and dreamer and are too often underappreciated during their lifetimes. Several years ago, I was rummaging through a box of family photos with my dad, when he showed me an old, yellowing image of […]

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