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State of Mexico crestThe State of México (Estado de México) is part of the Central Highlands Region of Mexico, along with the states of Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Mexico City, Morelos, Puebla, Querétaro and Tlaxcala.

The State of México almost completely encompasses the much smaller State of Mexico City. A large part of the population of the State of México are residents of the Mexico City Metropolitan Area. The government of the State of México is based in the city of Toluca.

Playing a vitally-important role in the national economy, the State of México houses the offices and factories of many of Mexico’s largest corporations. The many villages, spas and historic sites in the State of México offer welcome weekend respite for the Mexico City Metropolitan Area’s 20-million plus residents.

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Mushrooms in vinaigrette: Hongos en escabeche

Wild mushrooms are found in abundance in the states of Puebla, Tlaxcala and Estado de Mexico during and after the rainy season, and used in soups, quesadillas and vegetable dishes. Although the comadre used escobetas (coral mushrooms) the following recipe may be successfully prepared using fresh cultivated mushrooms. Ingredients 2 pounds fresh mushrooms (if using button mushrooms, […]

Potato, onion, garlic and eggs are essential for tortitas de papa. © Daniel Wheeler, 2010

Did You Know? A fungus from Mexico and the Irish potato famine

There wouldn’t be many Irish people in the United States if it wasn’t for a Mexican fungus. The census of 1841 in Ireland recorded a population of about 8 million. This figure was a staggering 300% more than sixty years earlier. The staple Irish food at that time was the humble potato and Ireland’s rapid […]

El Carmen de Tenancingo

Monastic getaway from Mexico City: El Carmen de Tenancingo

Let’s face it. Escaping Mexico City can be a great thing. Now more than ever. So much so that one would think that this unrestrained monster we call the Federal District, and the paranoia revolving around it, is a modern phenomenon. Time to think again. In the early 1700s a century-old community of monks, dwelling […]

Panoramic view of Teotihuacan looking south from the top of the Pyramid of the Moon. You can see the Pyramid of the Sun. © Rick Meyer, 2001

The great pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico: Place of the gods

We were lucky: we managed to visit the famous pyramids of Teotihuacan on a rare sunny winter’s day, when Mexico City’s air was clear and, from our bus, you could actually see the snow capped volcano of Popocatepetl some forty miles away. I should explain that it was Christmas Day, a time of year when […]

From the plaza part way up the pyramid of the moon, the pyramid of the sun appears to take on the shape of the distant hill.

The pyramids of Teotihuacan – a photo gallery

Teotihuacan (pronounced teh-oh-tee-wah-KAHN or teh-oh-tee-WAH-kan — experts differ on which is correct) is an archaeological site some 50 kilometers north of downtown Mexico City but still in the Valle de Mexico (the bowl surrounded by mountains in which Mexico City is on the southwest side). To get here go to the northern bus station from […]

The Magic Of Chalma

The magic of Chalma

Chalma, about an hour and a half by car from Cuernavaca, is a rather grubby little town, which few foreigners visit. Yet on weekends and holy days, the place is packed with pilgrims, who come to worship the Dark Lord on the cross. Drawn by its magical spirit, they come by bus, car, bicycle and […]

Frank Henry, an English silver mining engineer who worked in Mexico during the Revolution of 1910. This is part of a letter written by his wife Edith on December 23rd, 1915, days before he was killed. © Julia Swanson, 2006

Murder in Mexico: an English family during the Revolution

My grandfather, Frank Henry, was an English silver mining engineer in Mexico during the Revolution of 1910-16. This is the story of a family’s harrowing escape from marauding bandits at the height of the Revolution. Sadly, it was without my grandfather, as he had been brutally murdered by the bandits while defending their home from […]


Mythology and legends of the Nahua people: Creation of the Fifth Sun at Teotihuacan

Mythology and Legends of the Nahua People: Essays on Ancient Mexico Part 1: “The Creation of the Universe” Part 2: “Legend of the Fifth Sun” Part 3: “Creation of the Fifth Sun at Teotihuacan” In the mythology of ancient Mexico the world began not with a Genesis overseen by one almighty god, but with a creation resulting […]


A Gastronomic Circuit Around the City or When Lost in Mexico, Follow Your Stomach: El Estado de Mexico

A friend from western Mexico is on the phone, planning a trip to visit us down south in Oaxaca. “From the map, it looks like there’s a freeway loop around Mexico City,” he says hopefully. Yes, well. We explain to him that the map was evidently put together by someone with great futuristic vision, because […]


Tlalnepantla – the land in-between

Some time around the turn of the eleventh century indigenous tribes from the Valley of Anahuac trekked north and settled in the land that Franciscans, half a millennium later baptized, “Tlanepantla”. Today Tlanepantla thrives among Mexico’s largest populations, with nearly twelve million (12,000,000) inhabitants. Below the gray stones of Chiquihuite Hill, smelting, metalworking, machine-building, and […]


Pictures of Tepoztlan, Mexico

Tepoztlan reputed to be the birthplace of deified Quetzalcoatl lies about 80 km southeast of Mexico City and about 30 km northeast of Cuernavaca. The Ex-Convento Dominico de la Navidad and Piramide Tepozteco are fairly well touristed here. While I was there the zocalo was being upgraded. The colorful tented restaurant/market area between the zocalo and church is an experience […]


Toluca, Mexico – a gallery

Toluca is a city bursting with activity due to its status as capital of the State of Mexico and as a modern industrial center. You will really notice the vehicle traffic here that doesn’t seem to subside all night long. Within the past twenty years (perhaps 15) the population has exploded, and I suspect that […]


Map of Teotihuacán

Map of Teotihuacán Map courtesy of Lonely Planet Travel Books. Their Guide to Mexico is the best Mexico travel book on the market. Available for immediate shipping at Published or Updated on: April 1, 2001 by Rick Meyer © 2009

Map of State of Mexico

Map of State of Mexico (Estado de México)

Map of State of Mexico (Estado de México) Map of State of Mexico (Estado de México) SCT, 1999.


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