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Pictures of Tepoztlan, Mexico (39 images)

Tepoztlan reputed to be the birthplace of deified Quetzalcoatl lies about 80 km southeast of Mexico City and about 30 km northeast of Cuernavaca. The Ex-Convento Dominico de la Navidad and Piramide Tepozteco are fairly well touristed here. While I was there the zocalo was being upgraded. The colorful tented restaurant/market area between the zocalo and church is an experience not to be missed.

Long distance buses from Cuernavaca (bound for Cuautla) drop you off at the freeway exit, and from there either take a taxi or walk to the city bus stop for a ride to the zocalo.

This page attempts to convey the athletic adventure up to the Aztec Piramide Tepozteco which lies a full 400 vertical meters (1/4 mile) above the town. The ascent took me a little over an hour between 9 & 10 in the morning to beat the heat. A few athletes in training (running) and local health conscious (walking fast) joined me at this hour. I was early at the top (approx 10 am), but in 15 min the caretaker came down (!) to unlock from his cliff home carrying a block of ice. (Pictures taken April 28, 2004)

Gallery 260: Tepoztlan, Morelos.

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