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Posted by Suzanne on June 28, 1997:

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this site recently and now have another question. With a lake the size of Lake Chapala there must be pleasure boating but haven’t found much info. We’re thinking about bringing a boat or buying there. Does anyone know about marinas, boats for sale, boating activities, living aboard, etc.? Any help is appreciated…

Re: Boating on Lake Chapala

Posted by Camille on June 30, 1997:

Thank you for the compliment.

As for the lake… Anything is possible.

There have been more boaters lately and the government is supposedly stepping things up with regard to cleaning up the lake – we shall see.

Keep in mind, however, that another lake – Cajititlan, is only 20 minutes from Chapala and is boateable/swimmable. Maybe an alternative?


Re: Boating on Lake Chapala

Posted by Bob Scarborough on June 29, 1997:

There is a yacht club/marina in Chapala and may be others; the last time I was there the lake had areas full of vegetation (water hyacinth) and various ways of dealing with it have not been sucessful. I would not eat fish from the lake and I don’t think swimming is advisable. As far as running around the lake in a boat, I’d like to try it, but I wonder how much hassel it would be getting your boat thru customs? I believe Tony Burton has some comments about lake pollution and I think you can access via the mexconnect magazine.

Good Luck. Bob

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