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A comprehensive presentation of Mexico’s history including timelines, famous people, ancient history, modern history, the peoples of Mexico, ethnic origins, Indigenous Mexico (Mayan, Huichol, Tarahumara) Mexico’s historical traditions and many other articles of significance to the Mexicophile.

The History of Mexico:

The Time-Line View: from 3500 B.C. to the present day.
This view is fully integrated allowing the reader to jump back and forth between time periods, events and people as their interest leads them.  
The Historical Person View.
A chronological listing of important people in the evolution and development of Mexico.
The Listing of Leaders and Presidents of Mexico View
Another chronological listing, of the Leaders and Presidents of Mexico
The Mexican Revolution.
A summary of this crucial period of Mexico’s history with links to more articles.
This Month in Mexico’s History
A month-by-month chronological listing of major events from Mexico’s history.

The Ancient History (often referred to as ‘Myths’) of Mexico:

Mexican History – Perspectives
A Series by Dr. Ronald A. Barnett 
Mythology and Legends of the Nahua People
Part 1: “The Creation of the Universe”
Part 2: “Legend of the Fifth Sun”
Part 3: “Creation of the Fifth Sun at Teotihuacan” 
Mexica/Aztec Calendar Systems – Dale Hoyt Palfrey
Mysteries of the Fifth sun – Dale Hoyt Palfrey
Image of the Sun-Stone
Star Snake (Citlalcoatl – Aztec)

This Month in Mexico:

The People

The Huichol Resource page- Culture, Symbols and Art – A complete section exploring this vanishing native people of Mexico.
The Maya Resource page – Complete section – their history, cities and civilization. In English & Español.
Exvotos – folk art and expressions of faith In Mexico
Ethnic Origins – Resource page

The Traditions

Fiestas!. . . el castillo
Quinceañera – That magical 15th birthday!
Lent or Cuaresma – EnglishEspañol
Easter in Mexico – Semana Santa – Resource page
Holy Week & Easter (English)(Español) Semana Santa y Pascua
Pascua/Semana Santa – Easter Holy Week in Mexico
Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)
La Danza del Sol – The Dance of the Sun
“El Grito” – September 15 or September 16?
Fiesta de Cristo Rey – Patamban, Michoacán (Sunday before November 2)
“El Grito” – The Cry – Independence – September 16th
Day of the Dead Section – Resource page
The Virgin of Guadalupe
Christmas in Mexico – Resource page


Tlatelolco – Then and Now
Murder in Mexico: An English Family During the Revolution
Cockfighting – Chicken Soup for the Soul
Bullfighting in Mexico – the conquest of fear – Latino style
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