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Afro-Mexicans of the Costa Chica

The purpose of these web pages is to introduce you to the culture and unique experience of Mexicans of African descent. If you are like most people, you probably have never heard of Afro-Mexicans and are completely unaware that they exist. If you fall into this category, these pages will hopefully be quite a learning experience!

As an anthropologist, I am interested in how issues of race, color, and nationalism make the Afro-Mexican experience what it is, today, and hopefully, I can come to some general conclusions as to larger issues of race and ethnicity. However, over and above my research interests, the people of Mexico have treated me with such kindness, respect, and genuine affection over the last 6 years that I carry with me every day a joy to be doing what I am doing.

Please email Bobby Vaughn and let him know what you think! This is clearly a work in progress, and hopefully, with your suggestions, this page can be a very productive educational resource.

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These Pages are reproduced in Mexico Connect with the express permission of Bobby Vaughn, who retains all rights ©1997-2002; His original Pages can be found here. Please check his site for updated materials.

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