Mexico: A Higher Vision

Mexico, a Higher Vision: An Aerial Journey from Past to Present by Michael Calderwood

Cogan’s Reviews This is the first coffee-table book I ever reviewed and I have to say right off the bat that it’s a winner. It is made up of some 200 photographs from all parts of Mexico – all of them taken from a high elevation, either an aircraft or mountaintop or, occasionally, a tall […]

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Speaking Spanish like a Native by Brad Kim and Erika Dominguez

Cogan’s Reviews Here’s a rather unusual approach to learning Spanish. It’s not intended for beginners but rather for people who have already spent some time studying the language and want to go further, especially in the direction of becoming more adept at conversation. It is specifically aimed at we people who have some ability to […]

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How to plan realistic communicative practices in the ESL classroom

Would you ever walk up to someone, shake their hand and start to describe what you’re wearing? “Hi. I’m wearing a beige T-shirt, blue jeans, a black belt and black shoes.” No, of course you wouldn’t because the person would look you in the eye and say, “I can see what you’re wearing, you idiot.” […]

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