December in Mazamitla by Ralph Rodriguez with Alan Cogan

The following article is essentially a letter which a friend of mine, Ralph Rodriguez, a resident of Guadalajara, wrote to his children some years ago. It concerns an annual festival which is held in the town of Mazamitla, Jalisco, every December. It’s a pretty interesting time to visit and make the 90 or so minutes […]

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Piñata Images Copyright © 1999 María Elena. All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Huellas …debajo de la piñata

The Christmas season in Mexico is a time filled with delightfully colorful customs, among which one of my personal favorites is the traditional piñata -breaking that highlights most holiday festivities. It’s a hoot to watch the youngsters unleash all that pent-up energy and, while on the one hand there’s a certain element of greed and agression implicit […]

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