Children lead the Procession of Our Lord of the Column in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico © Edythe Anstey Hanen, 2013

Easter in San Miguel de Allende: Our Lord of the Column

The church bells have been tolling most of the night, interrupted only intermittently by the blast of rockets soaring into the night sky. One resounding boom echoes throughout the city at midnight. This is when thousands of pilgrims will join the Processión del Señor de la Columna (Procession of Our Lord of the Column — so named for […]

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A beautiful smile © Edythe Anstey Hanen, 2013

Feeding the hungry hearts in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende has, for decades, been one of the shining jewels of Colonial Mexico, a mecca for painters, writers, musicians or anyone with artistic sensibilities who has been touched by its ancient cobblestone streets, by the way the light and shadows fall across the distant hills or by the adobe walls painted the […]

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These dancers strive to revive the dress as they were in Mexico's pre-Hispanic days. © Tara Lowry, 2015

Our Lord of the Conquest Festival in San Miguel de Allende

Celebrations for El Señor de La Conquista (The Lord of the Conquest) completely filled the Jardin Principal of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Hundreds of colourful conchero or “Chichimeca” dancers dressed in pre-Hispanic style outfits arrived from the surrounding towns, representing different styles of dance and dress. Flashes of colour. Hypnotic drum beats. The shake, shake, shake […]

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On Good Friday, the Procession of the Holy Meeting and the Passing of the Priest begins at noon. This religious play is set in front of the San Rafael Church. The story begins with Pontius Pilate. A stage has been built to recreate the scene. The priest reads the story as the participants act the proceedings out in mime. Finally, Pontius Pilate washes his hands of responsibility and the procession begins.

Tears from the Crown of Thorns: The Easter Passion Play in San Miguel de Allende

Almost every community of any consequence in Mexico has an annual day or week set aside when a saint or revered person is honored with some type of celebration. If, for example, a town’s name honors San Patricio or San José or San Francisco, then on those Saint’s Days there will usually be fireworks, parades, […]

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Between Dolores Hidalgo and San Miguel de Allende: Pozos, Atotonilco and Hacienda Taboada

Brown, arid hillsides barely visible in a distant haze. Isolated green cacti with contorted, knotted arms, coarse, spiny fingers and bright red, seemingly nailpolished fruits set against an endless tanned landscape. This may not seem like an area likely to guard tourist treasures, but beneath the surface lie hidden surprises. For hundreds of years, chunks […]

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Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato

Dolores Hidalgo: Mexico’s Cradle of Independence – September 15, 1810

As you walk toward the main square from the bus terminal in Dolores Hidalgo, it’s hard to imagine the impassioned frenzy that heated this Mexican village on September 15, 1810. Here, on the balcony of his home, the town’s beloved priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, yelled “El Grito de Dolores,” the Cry of Independence. It was a cry that […]

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Beautiful paths through the gardens. Photo: Edythe Anstey Hanen

Preserving the Past: The Cactus Gardens of Cadereyta de Montes

If Mexico calls to you with its old-world beauty, its bloody but glorious history, its rich culture and the profound pride and love of life that is reflected in the faces of its people, then like me, you will never tire of searching out the country’s endless natural treasures. From the cathedrals of power to […]

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